toastabags 50 use twin Pack

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Great Value - reusable up to 50 times

Make perfect toasted sandwiches and other snacks with NO mess in your toaster or toaster oven!  Simply make your sandwich, place it in the toastabag and pop the bag in your toaster.  In about 3 minutes you will have a perfect toasted sandwich.

Check out our Recipe page for some delicious and varied sandwich ideas!

Quick, convenient, clean

Healthy – no added fats required

You can use toastabags to make a wide variety of toasted sandwiches or to heat up pastries, pizza slices, chicken nuggets and more! Perfect for kids after school snacks!

Easy to clean toastabags can be washed in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher

Don't take our work for it - read what our customers say about our patented toastabags®



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