Important information regarding West Wales Models.

As of the 31st March 2018 West Wales Models will cease trading in order to concentrate  on the long range Unmanned Aerial Systems we have developed over the past seven years.


For more information on our UAS services please contact Flylogix from the attached link :-


The remaining stock which is shown on the site can still be purchased on-line. 


We will continue to support all DLE engines which we have sold over the years. 


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers over the past 14 years for their support.


Important information regarding West Wales Shooting Supplies.

As of the 31st March 2018 West Wales Shooting Supplies will only be open "by appointment only".


If you would like to call in please email us via or leave a message on Tel No:- 01994 241024 and we will get back to you. 

Aeroworks  Extra 300 RTF 86” Span 55cc (Completed and ready to fly).

Click on Picture for more Info and photos.

Clearance sale, no offers:- £550.00


This aircraft was built from all new parts at a cost of £1,700.00, it has only flown 6 or 8 times with the engine only having run for 40-50mins total.

The owner who is now 81 years old finds it too much for him to handle.

The aircraft has never been banged or crashed and is in very good condition.

The following items are Included and fitted to the aircraft:-

1 x Aeroworks Extra 300 RTF

1 x Aeroworks Wings and Tailplane bags

1 x DLE55RA

1 x 4” Alloy Spinner

1 x Kelvar Fuel Tank

1 x Tuned Exhaust Canister

1 x Powerbox Evo 40/16 with soft-switch

2 x 2000mah 7.4v Li-Ploy batteries

5 x Savox Digital Servos SC-0251MG

1 x Savox Digital Servo (Throttle) SC-0252MG

1 x Spectrum 8 Channel receiver

Delivery / collection via arrangment


DLE Motors UK / DLE Engines UK

DLE UK West Wales Models have been the Official UK importer of DLE Petrol Engines since 2010 trading under "West Wales Models Ltd","DLE Motors UK" & "DLE Engines UK".As the Official importer we carry the full range of DLE engines in stock which are ready for immediate dispatch.

There are many copies of these extremely popular engines on the market, so to ensure you don’t purchase a “fake” DLE make sure you purchase your engine from the UK's official DLE distributor.

List of Offical DLE Dealers:-

West Wales Models are the largest dedicated Radio Controlled model suppliers in West Wales, specialising in Radio Controlled Aircraft, Helicopter with an extensive range of accessories always in stock.

We have a comprehensive customer support service offering high-quality advice on all the products we sell. We are not in the business of just "shifting boxes",so if we feel a particular product isn't well supported by the manufacturer / importer / distributor we will not stock those items, we can however supply such items if requested and do our best to provide whatever support we can.

West Wales Shooting Supplies are able to supply an extensive range of Rifles, Shotguns, Air weapons and with over 30 years of experience we can provide extensive and expert advice on both the theoretical and practical use of Optics.

We have trade accounts with every one of the major distributors, so if we don’t have a particular item in stock and it’s available, we will be able to get it for you. We also stock an excellent range of powders and reloading accessories and can give you practical advice and demonstrate to you various reloading techniques at our premises.

Airgun and Air Cylinder Recharging.
Due to the extremely limited number of recharging facilities in both Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, we have recently invested extensively in a “brand-new” professional commercial diving compressor.

We are therefore now able to re-charge any PCP rifle or your diving cylinders with compressed air which is desiccated and filtered to industrial standards at pressures of either 300 Bar (4,410psi) or 232 Bar (3,410 psi).  When rifles are limited to operation at 190 Bar (2,793psi) or below, we are also able to re-charge to these lower pressures.


Free Recharging of Rifles and Air Cylinders.
West Wales Shooting Supplies will refill any Rifle or Cylinder (which is purchased from us) completely free of charge for a period of one year from date of purchase.

Many thanks for looking at our site,

Best regards,

West Wales Models & West Wales Shooting Supplies.

DLE-20 20cc Petrol Engine
DLE-55 55cc Petrol Engine
DLE-55RA Piston Ring
DLE-55RA Piston
£49.00 *
DLE-120 Gasket Set
DLE-20 Gasket Set
DLE-20RA Gasket Set
DLE-30 Gasket Set
DLE-35RA Gasket Set
DLE-40 Gasket Set
DLE-55 Gasket Set
DLE-55RA Gasket Set
DLE-60 Gasket Set
DLE-20RA Ignition Module
DLE-55 Ignition Module
DLE-55RA Ignition Module
DLE-55 Carburetor
£42.00 *
DLE-35RA Carburetor
DLE-55RA Screw Kit
£12.00 *
DLE-55RA Carburetor
DLE-55RA Exhaust Muffler
DLE-30 Carburetor
£42.00 *
DLE-20 Prop Nut (X1)
DLE-111 Carburetor
£86.00 *
DLE-20 Exhaust
£22.00 *
DLE-20 Carburetor
£42.00 *
DLE-111 Drill Guide
DLE-20 Ignition Module

All Price incl VAT but are plus delivery.