Menz , Xoar & JXF 2 Bladed Beech Props

Menz , Xoar & JXF 2 Bladed Beech Props

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Best quality beechwood from Germany
Digitally machined and manufactured in CNC program
Manual finish to perfect
2 layers of primer coating + 2 layers of glossy protection coating prevent corrosion
Manually Pre-balanced
QC qualified


Light weighted
Elongation, breakpoint, distortion resistance
High efficiency
Low air fraction
Greater thrust
Lower noise level
Accurate performance
High endurance

Weight: 41g
Shaft Diameter: 8mm

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Length: 27 inch
Pitch: 10 inch
Weight: 200g / 7.05oz
Hub Thickness: 26 mm
Hole diameter: 10mm

  • High efficiency & low noiseJXF propellers are made with special aerodynamic shape and careful selection of raw materials to maintain higher efficiency in working condition with low noise.
  • Excellent static and dynamic balance.
  • Each blade of JXF propeller is machined accurately in weight, blade angle, blade area, length and shape to maintain excellent static and dynamic balance and minimize the vibration in working condition.
  • Safe and dependable.
  • During the material selection, machining and quality check procedure, every JXF propeller must undertakes the static and dynamic test in tension and anti-deformation including the excess revolution test. Thus, every JXF propeller has a good rigidity and strength to ensure the safety in working condition.
  • Accurate pitch and blade section JXF propellers are made with ditital machines to maintain correct pitch and blade section. After machining, each propeller will be checked and hand worked again by experienced technicians to assure the best aerodynamic shape with greater thrust.
  • Strictly selection of raw material with anti-deformation process JXF propellers are made of imported red beech wood and some special hard plywood with special treatment for better strength, rigidity and minimum deformation.
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Advanced Swept-Tip Design Reduces Vortices at the Tips for Quieter, More Efficient Performance.
Tight Tolerances in Design, Tooling and Manufacturing Ensure PrecisePitch Throughout the Prop for Maximum Performance.

Made of Lightweight Fuelproof Beechwood instead of heavier Maple. Offers Greater Strength and Rigidity than Nylon Blades and Won't Bend Out of the Plane of Rotation.

Available in a Wide Array of Sizes to Suit Every Application.
Less Rotational Mass Provides Greater Thrust at Any RPM and LessOverall Engine Wear.

Center Hole Diameter: ¼" approx
Propeller Diameter: 20"
Propeller Pitch: 10

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