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The best value around, good price top performance battery and lipo charger, discharger, balancer, storage charge and fast charge facility plus single cell voltage checker facility. The AC-DC range gives us the best set up to use at home for checking and managing your RC batteries. Full step by step instructions:

• Digital Discharger - 0.1 - 1.0A (max 5 watt)
• DC / AC (Mains) - 0.1 - 7.0A Max 80 watt)
• LiPo Charger - 1 -6 Cells
• LiFe Charger - 1 - 6 Cells
• Li-Ion Charger - 1-6 Cells
• Nicad Charger - 1 - 15 Cells
• Nimh Charger - 1 - 15 Cells
• Pb 2v - 12-v • weight 531gm
• Dimensions 122 x 132 x 35mm
• Integrated balance for LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion,
• Storage charge facility
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Gold plated terminals

This Lipo balance charger comes with balance charge leads to fit JR/Futaba, BEC, Deans, and crocodile clips for connection to LiPo power packs etc Our team think this is the ultimate versatile battery and lipo charger for all people for all batteries and all models for both RC hobbies and anything else!

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This Charger comes in a UK 3 Pin format wall charger format with spade connectors fitted. It will charge both 2v lead acid and 2v gel cells at a charge rate of 500mah (0.5Amps).


This charger is ideal for charging 2v lead acid glowstart batteries.

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