Electric Aircraft

With the advent of Lithium Polymer batteries and brushless motors, electric flight is now the most poplar form of radio controlled flying in "many" parts of the United Kingdom. It might cost you more to get started than with a nitro aircraft, but it’s cleaner, quieter and with the right set-up, it can exceed the power to weight ratio of I/C engines.... It's also probably even cheaper in the long run.


Teaching yourself to find and use the thermals and how to use and avoid eddies currents within the air mass will undoubtedly make you a better flyer. If you’re transmitter stinks of nitro, and you’ve never given the branch of the hobby a go, isn’t it time you did ?

Nitro Aircraft

Yes there're dirty and smelly, but they have "real" engines and sound great in the air. If you don’t know your c-ratings from your amps and your RPM per volts from your watts then these are the models for you.

Petrol Powered Aircraft

Petrol engines can be described in three words:- Power, Performance, Reliability

If your plane is large enough to take one and you have the relevant experience, fit one, you won't regret it. However the radio equipment you’ll need to install is very different from your "run-of-the mill" nitro aircraft, so ensure you take advice before your embark on the route to a petrol powered aircraft.

Gas Turbine Aircraft

Without a shadow of doubt the most realistic and evocative sound produced by any model of any description. You’ll need deep pockets, but you’ll be pushed to get more adrenaline for your money than this!

Build-Up Kits

If you’ve got the time, own a modelling knife, can read a plan and have a tube of glue tucked away somewhere, you too can become one of the air modelling Brethren. You certainly can’t beat the feeling of spending weeks hunched over your plan building your own creation. The rush of adrenaline and elation when your aircraft takes to the air for the first time, quickly followed by the feeling of hopelessness and despair as your aircraft takes a turn for the worst…. And finally the long walk back to the club house with your black bag in hand…. Yes Modelling why do we do it ?