Electric Aircraft

Electric Aircraft

With the advent of Lithium Polymer batteries and brushless motors, electric flight is now the most poplar form of radio controlled flying in "many" parts of the United Kingdom. It might cost you more to get started than with a nitro aircraft, but it’s cleaner, quieter and with the right set-up, it can exceed the power to weight ratio of I/C engines.... It's also probably even cheaper in the long run.

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In 1969 Hazel Sig, when President of Sig Mfg. Co., rebuilt a standard 1941 Piper J-3 Cub for airshow flying. To increase the plane's aerobatic performance, 40 inches were clipped off each wing panel and the engine was reworked for greater horsepower.

Wingspan 56 in 1422 mm
Wing Area 557 in² 36 dm²
Radio Required 4-Channel
.25 - .40 in³ (4 - 6.5 cm³)
.40 - .45 in³ (6.5 - 7.3 cm³)

The result is a highly aerobatic Cub that is a real joy to fly! Smooth aileron rolls, snap rolls, immelmann turns, and many other rolling maneuvers which are difficult in a standard wing J-3, are easy with the Clipped Wing Cub. This 1/6-scale model inherits all of the delightful flight characteristics of Hazel's full-scale Clipped Wing Cub.

  • Kit Features:
    • Built-Up Balsa Construction
    • Strong One-Piece Wing
    • Die-Cut Parts
    • Spruce Wing Struts
    • Full-Size Plans
    • Molded ABS Plastic Engine Cowling
    • Formed Wire Landing Gear
    • Authentic Decals
    • Illustrated Instruction Book

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Ducted Fan (Jet)

Ducted Fan, or more commonly nowadays, Electric Ducted Fan (EDF). These aircraft fly by taking in air from the front of the aircraft (via a ducted impeller) and then expelling it at high velocity from the rear of the aircraft. This is achieved by use of a brushless motor housed within the fan unit. You’ll need a good battery (we recommend Flightpower batteries for this application) and a strong Electric Speed Controller (ESC), but these aircraft will give you most of the fun elements of turbine aircraft, but at  1/10th to 1/20th of the cost.