Teaching yourself to find and use the thermals and how to use and avoid eddies currents within the air mass will undoubtedly make you a better flyer. If you’re transmitter stinks of nitro, and you’ve never given the branch of the hobby a go, isn’t it time you did ?

RC Gliders (Unpowered)

Undoubtedly the purest form of Radio Controlled flying there is, if you haven’t sat on a hillside in the lengthening shadows of a summers evening searching for that last thermal of the day, you really haven’t done all there is to do in this hobby… Believe me it’s the best.

Powered Gliders

OK....maybe it’s not for the purist, but you can have almost as much fun from a flat field with these aircraft and you don’t have to pick up the pieces from the bottom or the slope, should you have to "land-out" due to those inevitable miscalculations.