RC Gliders (Unpowered)

RC Gliders (Unpowered)

Undoubtedly the purest form of Radio Controlled flying there is, if you haven’t sat on a hillside in the lengthening shadows of a summers evening searching for that last thermal of the day, you really haven’t done all there is to do in this hobby… Believe me it’s the best.

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Half price clearance sale no canopy down from £280.00 to £140.00


The special is an Electro Version in yellow of the Top Model Kulbutin, it was a special order from Top Model and is a one off in the colour.

A superb Revolutionary 3D Sailplane, which accomplishes knife-edges with ease.

Due to it’s all moving tailplane this aircraft is also capable of performing some “very unique” aerobatics manoeuvres.

A very different aircraft with Jet like looks !

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