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Important information regarding West Wales Models.

West Wales Models has now closed, most of the aircraft kits have sold, therefore we have the following items left which we intend to sell as a package.

  1. Shop counter and till.
  2. A number of aircraft kits and various partially completed aircraft.
  3. A large selection of glues /adhesives including various cyno’s and activators.
  4. The full selection of humbrol enamel paints in a 6ft high stand. Various other modelling paints & sprays.
  5. A K&S metal centre with copper, brass alloy sheets, carbon tube etc.
  6. A large number of both electric and I/C propellors including gas props.
  7. A large selection of nuts bolts washers and screws.
  8. Various fuelling accessories, fuel bungs, clucks vents, various fuel tanks for gas and glow engines.
  9. A large amount of balsa wood, standard, lite ply sheets. Includes spruce and beech engine bearers.
  10. Engine mounts for both gas, glow engines and electric motors.
  11. A large number of in-line current meters.
  12. DLE-20, DLE-55, DLE-55RA and DLE-60 engines.
  13. Various DLE engine spares including various carb rebuild kits
  14. SWG and various alloy parts
  15. A large number of both foam and rubber wheels, tail wheels including tail mounts, collets and ends.
  16. Various hinges , control horns clevis and rods.
  17. Full range of alloy and plastic spinners.
  18. Various coverings, profilm, protrim, solartex.
  19. Various scales accessories including:- gun sights, pilots, aircraft instruments, harnesses, yokes, instrument panels and indicators.
  20. A huge number of modelling odds and sods.

We are "open to offer" so please call 01994 241024 for further information.

£3,000.00 *

In stock


All Price incl VAT but are plus delivery.

Li Ploy Batteries


Lightspeed Batteries


Lightspeed cells use only the highest quality components coupled with some very special chemicals in their construction.

One example of this, is the use of "Lithium Titanate" on the "Anode" rather than the normal "Carbon Anode". The Lithium Titanate electrode drastically reduces damage from charging and furthermore substantially reduces the risk of cell expansion and membrane rupture.

In addition not only can the charge times be reduced, but the lifespan of the battery is hugely increased above and beyond that of a conventional Lithium Polymer battery.

Are they any disadvantages associated with the use of Titanate within the cell ?

The only disadvantages associated with Lithium Titanate cells are:-

  1. The cells are quite a bit more expensive to produce.
  2. A standard Lithium Titanate cell has a slightly lower voltage than a standard Lithium Polymer cell, however the use of some rather "exotic" chemicals within the cell now allow our cells to operate at a nominal voltage of 3.71V. The maximum operational voltage of the cell is 4.22V, this makes the cell voltage comparable with a standard Lithium Polymer battery and allows the battery to be charged on a standard Lithium-Polymer charger.


Individual cells are connected together using ultra low resistance materials, with the main output cabling being constructed exclusively from silicon coated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), High quality gold plated "Deans" covered in "Glued" heatshrink are used to terminate all Lightspeed Batteries.

The very low internal resistance of Lightspeed Batteries (typically 8 – 10 milliohms) give huge benefits such as:-

  • Far longer battery lifetimes with upwards of 1000 cycles expected for a battery pack.
  • Lower heat build-up during the discharge cycle.
  • Faster cell recovery.
  • Lower voltage drop under loads, which equates directly to a much higher RPM per volt from your electric motor.
  • More available power for the battery pack.
  • Ability to charge at higher charge rates (It is important to allow the battery to cool below 25c before charging commences).
  • Suitable for all applications and especially so for use in high current applications.