.22 Eley Edge 40gr Flat Nose (50)


.22 Eley Edge 40gr Flat Nose (50)

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ELEY edge breaks engineering boundaries with an innovative approach to improving accuracy.

This advanced, contemporary cartridge is instantly recognisable by its matt-black oxidised finish. Scientifically developed to microscopically increase the friction between the case and the projectile, the resulting stabilised projectile release force delivers greater internal ballistic consistency ultimately providing the shooter with more consistent projectile flight.

ELEY edge is part of our elite competition range and benefits from ELEY tenex technology such as a flat nose bullet profile.

ELEY edge can be tested and selected from our ranges in the UK, USA and Germany.

key features

    Patented flat nose bullet profile
    Scientifically developed black oxidized surface treatment
    Increased bullet release force
    More consistent propellant burn

designed for

    High level competitive shooters

Used for

    Prone Rifle
    3 Position Rifle
    Lightweight Sport Rifle
    50m pistol


    .22LR Match Rifle
    .22LR Free Pistol


  • bullet profile: Flat nose
  • cartridge length: 25.4mm / 1inch
  • bullet weight: 2.59grams / 40grains
  • velocity: Muzzle : 331m/s (1085ft/s), 20m (22yds) : 303m/s (994ft/s), 50m (55yds) : 285m/s (935ft/s)
  • energy: Muzzle = 14.5 (Kg.m) / 105 (ft.lb), 20m / 22yds = 12.1 (Kg.m) / 88 (ft.lb), 50m / 55yds = 10.7 (Kg.m) / 78 (ft.lb)
  • lubricant: Beeswax-tallow

Important note.

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