Lightspeed Lithium Titanate 60C-110C 5000mah 6 cell 22.2v (TP/FP Bal Leads) RRP £183.00


Lightspeed Lithium Titanate 60C-110C 5000mah 6 cell 22.2v (TP/FP Bal Leads) RRP £183.00

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Battery Type:- Lithium-Polymer with Titanate Electrodes.

Capacity:- 5000mah (5.0 Amps)

Voltage:- 22.2Volts

Number of Cell:- 6

Constant C Rating:- 60C (300 Amps)

Burst C Rating:- 110C (550 Amps) for 30 Secs

Charge Rate:- 1C to 5C (For maximum battery life always charge at 1C)

Battery Life:- Greater than 1000 cycles when used within specifications and charged at 1C

Cabling:- OFC Silicon Coated Cables

Balancer Lead Type:- Thunder Power / Flightpower Twin Connector Type.

Output Connector:- High Quality Gold Plated Deans with Glued Heatshrink fitted.

Dimensions:- 165mm (L) x 45mm (W) x 55mm (D)

Weight:- 812gms 



Lightspeed cells use only the highest quality components coupled with some very special chemicals in their construction.

One example of this, is the use of "Lithium Titanate" on the "Anode" rather than the normal "Carbon Anode". The Lithium Titanate electrode drastically reduces damage from charging and furthermore substantially reduces the risk of cell expansion and membrane rupture.

In addition not only can the charge times be reduced, but the lifespan of the battery is hugely increased above and beyond that of a conventional Lithium Polymer battery.


Are they any disadvantages associated with the use of Titanate within the cell ?

The only disadvantages associated with Lithium Titanate cells are:-

  1. The cells are quite a bit more expensive to produce.
  2. A standard Lithium Titanate cell has a slightly lower voltage than a standard Lithium Polymer cell, however the use of some rather "exotic" chemicals within the cell now allow our cells to operate at a nominal voltage of 3.71V. The maximum operational voltage of the cell is 4.22V, this makes the cell voltage comparable with a standard Lithium Polymer battery and allows the battery to be charged on a standard Lithium-Polymer charger.


Individual cells are connected together using ultra low resistance materials, with the main output cabling being constructed exclusively from silicon coated OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), High quality gold plated "Deans" covered in "Glued" heatshrink are used to terminate all Lightspeed Batteries.

The very low internal resistance of Lightspeed Batteries (typically 8 – 10 milliohms) give huge benefits such as:-

  • Far longer battery lifetimes with upwards of 1000 cycles expected for a battery pack.
  • Lower heat build-up during the discharge cycle.
  • Faster cell recovery.
  • Lower voltage drop under loads, which equates directly to a much higher RPM per volt from your electric motor.
  • More available power for the battery pack.
  • Ability to charge at higher charge rates (It is important to allow the battery to cool below 25c before charging commences).
  • Suitable for all applications and especially so for use in high current applications.


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