FrankenModellbau Quer ARTF Reduced from £220.00 to £100.00 to clear


FrankenModellbau Quer ARTF Reduced from £220.00 to £100.00 to clear

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The FrankenModellbau Quer Glider is a hand-launched slope soaring glider, which gives truly exceptional performance in low lift conditions, the wing loading is an incredibly low 9 g/dm²

The model has a carbon/kevlar fuselage with carbon D-box wings covered in Oralight. The wing is in two parts and is attached to the fuselage by twin stainless steel pins located at the leading edge and a further two nylon bolts located on the rear surface of the wing. The tail is formed from moulded composite with carbon reinforcement.

Wing span 1500mm
Fuselage length 990mm Surface load: 9 g/dm²
Wing profile S4083 mod
Wing area 23.2dm2
Tail profile flat
Empty weight 225g Actuated rudders: SR/HR-M
Servos: 2 x Servo 9-11 mm

2 or 3 chanel R/C

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