Remington Premier® Gold Box™ Rimfire .17HMR 17gr (50)


Remington Premier® Gold Box™ Rimfire .17HMR 17gr (50)

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Looking for a rimfire cartridge with a centerfire attitude? Remington's got you covered with our complete line of Premier Gold Box Rimfire ammunition. Using the same bullet design found in our Premier AccuTip™ centerfire cartridges, the AccuTip-V's precision-engineered polymer tip provides match-type accuracy, more on-game energy, and rapid expansion.

Available in 17 HMR and 22 Win Mag, Premier Gold Box Rimfire Ammunition is loaded with AccuTip-V polymer-tipped bullets for incredible shot-to-shot consistency, flat trajectory and explosive expansion. Upgrading your rimfire rifle or handgun is as easy as shooting the right ammo. Think Premier Gold Box.



Avg Wt Case 19            
Caliber 17 HMR            
Energy 100 136            
Energy 50 185            
Energy Muz 245            
Index PR17HM1            
Model Premier Gold-Box            
Traj 100 0.0            
Traj 150 0.0            
Traj 50 0.1            
Vel 100 1901            
Vel 50 2212            
Vel Muz 2550            
Wt 17


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