SC91A ABC 4480360


SC91A ABC 4480360

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  • Outstanding performance.
  • Outstanding value for money.
  • Ballraced precision new improved Mkll series engines add up to more engine and more performance for your money.
  • SC have chosen to feature precision ABC piston/liner assemblies in 99% of their 2-stroke engines (the new 180 2-stroke is ringed).
  • SC 4 strokes are primarily ringed for the easier handling characteristics this gives 4-strokes. Additionally, every single engine is turned out with a twin ball bearing crankshaft so that each engine will continue to run smoothly throughout its life - the same as it did on day one. Quiet swivel outlet silencers are standard with all except heli and marine engines.
  • New accurate twin needle carbs are standard with all engines and now feature inset idle needle with precision ground carburettor barrels.


C.C. - 14.93
Bore - 27.30
Stroke - 25.50
Power (kW) - 2.0/15,000
R.P.M. - 2000-11500
Weight - 728g
Rec Prop - 14 x 6 to 16 x 6
Engine Bearer Space - 43mm

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