Revell Apollo: Columbia & Eagle 1/96 Scale


Revell Apollo: Columbia & Eagle 1/96 Scale

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Houston, here is Tranquillity Base. The Eagle has landed. With these words the world heard that man had finally reached the moon. The Apollo 11 lunar module, Eagle, landed on 20th July 1969 (5 days after launch from the earth) and was the first habitation on the moon. 5 hours later Neil Armstrong, climbed down the ladder and was the first man to walk on the moon. For 2 hours the astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin remained outside with their life support systems. They collected surface samples, set up scientific instruments and described their experience of movement (1/6 of earth gravity). On completion of their mission the astronauts took off in the top stage of the lunar module, went back into orbit and docked with the Apollo capsule in order to start their return to earth.
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