150mm of Glued Heatshrink for Deans Connectors


150mm of Glued Heatshrink for Deans Connectors

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Dean’s connectors have now become the connectors of choice used extensively across all aspects of the hobby. The only real disadvantage of Deans connectors is that they require a fair degree of force to pull them apart, this can lead to users pulling on the cables which can lead to one or more of the cables being pulled away from it’s solder joint.


Glued Heatshrink solves this problem once and for all.

How to use Glued Heatshrink.

  1. Simply solder on your cable to the Dean’s connectors as normal. Please ensure that you use standard Heatshrink (6mm recommended for most cables) on both the negative and positive terminals. 6mm Heatshrink is also available from this site if required.
  2. Next cut a piece of Glued Heatshrink around 35mm long with a sharp modelling knife or scissors.
  3. Slide the Heatshrink over your Deans connector until it is flush with the top of the plastic (See photographs above for detailed steps).
  4. Heat the Heatshrink starting at the "cable end" and working towards the "connector" itself using a hot air gun or gas torch. As you heat the Heatshrink you will see the heat activated glue ooze out of the connector. When the Heatshrink has shrunk down to the required size leave it for about 5min for the glue too fully set.
  5. The connector and also the cable within the Heatshrink will now have fused into a sold mass. It will now be impossible to pull the cables out from its soldered joints.



We have used this product ourselves for the past 5 years, the product has been extensively tested to over 5000 insertions / extractions without problems.

The product is available in 150mm lengths, which is normally enough to encapsulate 4 or 5 Dean’s connectors.


Customer Comment:- Alex Weekley.

I’ve been using this product for well over 2 years and despite being a very committed all electric flyer I haven’t had a single problem with a cable working loose on either my batteries or ESC’s. This product is now fitted to all of my batteries, ESC’s and charge leads, literally hundreds of flights achieved without a problem…………fantastic product.

Alex Weekley 28/06/2010

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