Easystar II RR with BL Motor

Easystar II RR with BL Motor

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Often copied, never bettered. The original Multiplex EasyStar has always been a fantastic and highly recommended model for beginners and experienced model pilots alike. And now we introduce the new Multiplex EasyStar 2, featuring a folding propeller, removable tail-plane and ailerons! This is the RR (receiver-ready) version which includes rudder and elevator servos and the power set. Just add your battery and receiver.

Still made from the robust yet light-weight Multiplex Elapor® foam, the EasyStar 2 continues the tradition of quality components brought together in a simple and robust airframe, providing versatility to experienced pilots and ease of repair for beginners. The EasyStar 2 also has removable wing halves, just like the original EasyStar.

Multiplex EasyStar 2 RR kit contents: -

  • 2 x Servos for rudder and elevator
  • 1 x Brushless Motor
  • 1 x Brushless ESC
  • 1 x Folding Propeller Set with blades and holder
  • Fuselage halves
  • Wing and tail panels
  • Multiplex folding propeller unit with 7"x6" blades
  • Small parts pack
  • Decal sheet
  • Comprehensive, illustrated building instructions

Required to complete: -

  • 4 Channel (or more) Tx and Rx (Rudder, elevator, throttle, optional ailerons)
  • Lightspeed Lithium Titanate 50C-90C 2200mah 3 cell 11.1v
  • Battery Charger
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