Ikarus EasyFly 3 Game Flight Simulator Interface version (No Tx)


Ikarus EasyFly 3 Game Flight Simulator Interface version (No Tx)

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Based on the same technology as the award-winning Aerofly Professional Deluxe, including graphics and physics, EasyFly3 from Ikarus arrives as the perfect introduction to R/C flight for newcomers or an excellent training aid for seasoned fliers.

Practice flying many model types from trainers, 3D aerobatic, gliders, jets, gas or electric helicopters in 3D flying fields or photorealistic panoramic backdrops. Try your hand at slope soaring at Teck Castle or spend some time flying first-person in one of the 3D sceneries.

An ideal training aid during the bleaker months, and a great introduction for first-time fliers, EasyFly3 is available now from your retailer as an interface version for use with your existing transmitter or complete with a USB flight controller.

Feature list of EasyFly 3

  • 8 unique airfield sceneries, including 7 breath-taking realistic 360 degree photographic sceneries (Augsburg, Pagefield, Omahawks, Castle, Teck, Marxzell Flugplatz, Golfdome Halle) and the highly detailed 3D scenery Hawaii with 4 landing areas
  • 31 extremely detailed models, including 3D and F3A aerobats, 3-Meter TOC models, fighters, scale and trainer airplanes, indoor and outdoor helicopters (gas and electric), Slow- and Shock Flyers,thermal and slope soaring gliders, gas and electric powered airplanes, 4D models and much more.
  • Realistic scenery reflection from model surfaces
  • Fully customizable fog and smoke simulation
  • New lighting effects like sunlight reflections
  • Cockpit mode with realistic instrument display
  • Destructible aircraft! Wings, landing gear and other parts may break apart during crashes or high G manoeuvres
  • Realistic wind simulation (the terrain shape is taken into account when computing wind, turbulence and thermals)
  • Autorotation training
  • Easy Plug and Play USB connection
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