Top Model Stinger 1 02040-1 ARF (Reduced from £119.99 to £99.99)


Top Model Stinger 1 02040-1 ARF (Reduced from £119.99 to £99.99)

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Stinger 1 is a small electric-powered fast agile model. The airfoil used as well as the conceptions applied give the model high flight performance. Thanks to aerodynamically clean airframe the model has a surprising shallow glideslope. It flew very well even with Speed 400.

Stinger is agile and break-resistant enough to be capable of aerobatics. An another interesting possibility is to equip the model with a folding propeller and fly the Stinger on the slope.

Our proposal!
Would you like to enjoy racing fun without having a special racer? Why not. Have an informal club racing! Stinger is a typical club-category model. Buy together with your club-colleagues Stingers, equip the models with uniform motors as well as battery packs, erect the pylons at your club field and take up a challenge!

Kit contents:

  • Fiberglass gel-coated fuselage
  • One-piece built-up wing
  • Light balsa tail
  • All parts are covered with ORACOVER®
  • High quality accessories (firewall, pushrods, levers etc.)
  • Decal sheet
  • Well-illustrated step-by-step instruction manual

Required for operation:-

  • Radio: 4–channel, 3 servos – micro /11 mm thickness
  • Power: Motor – Speed 400–480 or MEGA ACn 16/15/3;4;5;6
  • Battery 7–8 cells 500–800 mAh or  2–3S 1–2P LiPol (1200-2100mah 3 cell)
  • Suitable ESC 25-45 amps


  • Wingspan 950mm
  • Length 750mm
  • Weight 0.5 kgs to 0.6kgs

West Wales Models Comment:- This aircraft makes a great high speed slope soarer ( for use in strong winds).






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