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07/10/2011 15:19
well,had a phone call regarding payment as paypal didnt go through. when i told mike about having to buy a new one as the other had ballooned,maybe due to lack of use/charging, he said he would kindly send it to me f.o.c. i have used west wales models before so am happy any how but this was a surprise as didnt expect this kind of service after having the battery a few months before it failed.can defiantly recommend this company! c shields
andy sinton
30/06/2011 21:17
After much searching for a decent bungee set, I came across West Wales models.
Seeking some solid advice I e-mailed them and Mike responded straight away, even though it was late evening.
After many, e-mails on what may have been silly questions, I had my answer.
I ordered the equipment that Mike had recommended the next morning, from him of course and Wow! it arrived the very next day.

Mike many thanks for all your support and patience in this matter, and for the superb and prompt service.

I will me back, and will recommend you highly to all my fellow flyers.

top marks!
Peter Smith
27/06/2011 13:45
I live in the Midlands but spend a lot of time in Pembrokeshire too. Three years ago I decided to 'have a go' at flying model aircraft while on holiday, so I looked up shops in West Wales. Mikes popped up on a internet search, so with sat nav programmed off I went.
On arriving I had a browse at all the models on display while Mike was serving another customer and decided on what I wanted. The following conversation with Mike went a bit like this:
"I want to buy that one"
"Have you flown before?"
"Mmmmm No"
"Then Im not selling it you, you'll crash within 10 seconds and give up"
Mike then gave me a demonstration outside with what he considered a beginners model. His enthusiasm and knowledge was unsurpassed and deciding he obviously knew a lot more than me I took his advice.
As I said that was three years ago, I also followed his advice when moving on to the next step in flying. I recently passed my A test on IC and am now an avid flyer from electrics , IC to 20cc 1/4 scale WW1 Fighter! The service I've received is top class and will always recommend Mike.
PS He was right about crashing too ;)

Billy Rowlands
22/05/2011 01:14
So I'm looking for a DLE 30 and come across this site. Ok the price is right but I have some questions first to see if I'm covered. I call Mike up and here's where things start to change differently from the usual sales routine. Mike spends as much time answering my questions as necessary until I'm happy with the answers.....there's no rush to make a sale and hang up. He cover's any eventuality I didn't happen to think of at the time and makes sure what I am buying is the right engine for the job and meets my purpose. After confirming a sale which I was happy to make the tracking number and confirmation of shipping are sent within half an hr of hanging up the phone. I know where it is and when it will arrive.
Delivery is right on time as he said it would be the next day and the package is well packed from any handling damage.

As a first time customer to West Wales Models. I can say the service and professionalism is right up there with the best. In this day an age, this is something worth writing about. I have no doubts where my next purchase will come from. As far as I'm concerned once I've found awesome service like this........I'm sticking with it.

22/04/2011 17:03
I phoned Mike at West Wales Models after drawing a blank serching the internet about model glider I picked up some months ago second hand, the one reference that kept coming up was that Mike had sold one from his shop several months ago, the model in question being the FM Highlight Quer.
Well who needs the internet, Mike was able to tell me all about the model, where it was made, who it was imported by and also warned me about the company that he was buying them from as he had had trouble with them in the past.
The pity is it is a fantastic glider, and I wanted to find a supply so that I could purchase an electric version as well.
Mike sent me all the details including scanning the page from the original brochure, so I at least know all about the one I have now.
He also suggested that I take a look at the TOP MODEL range as I would most likely find something similar within these models to the Quer, and indeed both the ADRIANA and the BLISS TRANSPARENT will fit the bill nicely.
When you consider that I have never bought anything from Mike, he must have spent 15-20 minutes talking to me on the phone, he did not have any obligation to do so, but in doing so he has shown a true dedication to how he goes about running his business, and I for one as soon as the funds become available will be beating a path to his door to purchase my next electric glider, because I know the level of service and also back up will be second to none.
It is a shame that this level of service is not available from all model shops, but this must surely work in Mike's favour, because he should be a very busy man in future as the word spreads on just how helpful he is.
Øyvind Valland
20/03/2011 20:54
I cannot possibly imagine a better customer service experience than what I've received at West Wales Models. I've had occasion to visit the shop five times this week due to a model requiring significant repairs and another needing new parts to get up and running, and Mike has been of tremendous help. I am an utter novice and it's been such a relief to find a shop where the proprietor is not only an expert, but someone who clearly loves, lives and breathes model aircraft and wants to help others ‘get in the game’ no matter what their skill levels. Suffice to say that I’ve never received two live demonstrations of models from any other shop.

Although I do not live in Wales I will from now on do my utmost to source all my equipment and materials from West Wales Models. The shop is stocked to the rafters and the knowledge, advice and customer service that comes with it is unsurpassable. I’ll recommend West Wales Models to anyone, any time, without hesitation.
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