Window Catches, Stays and Seals

Window Catches, Stays and Seals
Polyplastic caravan and motorhome window spare parts from window rubber seals and inserts, perma-fix window stays, poly-fix window stays and catches, lever lock catches and stays, auto and tube window stays, toggle rubber pull catches and more, if you require just the left or righthand side or just want one of instead of a pair just give us a phone call or email to see if we can supply.

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Polyplastic adjustable pop-out window stay for small windows screw fixed only
£10.94 *
Pair of Polyplastic Lever Lock Catches with Fixing Blocks and Screws
£7.62 *
Lockplate for locking windows with lever locking arms fited
£1.61 *

Pair of Polyplastic Screw Fix Rubber Window Toggle Catches

£17.94 *

White insert for window rubber sold by the meter

£1.20 / m *
* Prices incl. VAT