Truma Ultraflow Conversion Kit for Compact Housing in Ivory

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Ultraflow (Crystal) Conversion Kit in Ivory


At the end of 2008, the Carver Crystal II water system was discontinued after many years of continuation from Truma.

Truma have developed a cost effective and practical solution for anyone needing a replacement for a Crystal II system or those that simply wish to upgrade and switch from a competing system such as Whale.

The Ultraflow Conversion kit allows you to effortlessly convert your existing Filter or Compact Housing System over without the necessity to replace your Pump Assembly.  The kit includes the relevent housing to you (be it Filter or Compact Housing) and a 'new style' Pistol Connector that allows you to switch your existing Pump Assembly over, saving you upto £50!

Available in both white and ivory and in Filter/ Compact variants, this really is a versitle and efficient system that offers you the full range and benefits of the Ultraflow water system and accessories by Truma.

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