Electro-mechanical and electronic timers

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Product no.: COM1017


Fits: Compact CP22, Compact CP30sc, Compact CP30, Compact CP45, Compact CP70, Compact CP120, Compact CP150 models

Also: Icetronic IT22, Icetronic IT27, Icetronic IT30, Icetronic IT37, Icetronic IT45, Icetronic IT66, Icetronic IT120, Icetronic IT150 models


£102.72 *
Product no.: ICE9041094-01


Fits: Iceomatic U225, Iceomatic U300, Iceomatic U305, Iceomatic 0305, Iceomatic 0320, Iceomatic 0325, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0520, Iceomatic 0525, Iceomatic 0605 models


£344.95 *
Product no.: ICE9101148-01


Fits: Iceomatic U150, Iceomatic U220, Iceomatic U225, Iceomatic U226, Iceomatic U300, Iceomatic U305 series models

Also: Iceomatic 0305, Iceomatic 0320, Iceomatic 0325, Iceomatic 0400, Iceomatic 0405, Iceomatic 0406, Iceomatic 0500, Iceomatic 0520, Iceomatic 0525, Iceomatic 0605, Iceomatic 0606, Iceomatic 0805, Iceomatic 0806, Iceomatic 1005, Iceomatic 1006, Iceomatic 1007, Iceomatic 1405, Iceomatic 1406, Iceomatic 1407, Iceomatic 2005 series models


£166.18 *
Product no.: ITV100380


Fits: ITV Gala NDP20, ITV Gala DP20, ITV Gala DP30, ITV Gala DP40, ITV Gala DP55, ITV Gala DP70, ITV Gala DP90, ITV Gala DP110, ITV Gala DP140, ITV Gala DP150 models


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In stock

Product no.: MAS071010


Fits: Masterfrost C250, Masterfrost C400, Masterfrost C600, Masterfrost C800, Masterfrost C1200, Masterfrost C1600, Masterfrost C2800 models


£146.32 *
Product no.: SP1112003


Fits: Brema CB246 (standard 18g cube), CB249, Brema CB316 (18g), Brema CB416 (18g), Brema CB425 (18g), Brema CB640 (18g), Brema CB840 (18g), Brema CB955 (18g), Brema CB1265 (18g) models

Also: NTF SL50 (17g standard cube), NTF SL60 (17g), NTF SL70 (17g), NTF SL90 (17g), NTF SL110 (17g), NTF SL140 (17g), NTF SL180 (17g), NTF SL260 (17g), NTF SL280 (17g) models


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In stock

Product no.: SP1112012


Fits: Migel KL18, Migel KL21, KL22, Migel KL31, Migel KL32, Migel KL41, Migel KL42, Migel KL51, Migel KL71, Migel KL101, Migel KL131, Migel KL151, KL152, Migel KL171, Migel KL301 models

Also: Porkka KL18, Porkka KL21, Portkka KL31 Porkka KL41, Porkka KL51, Porkka KL71, Porkka KL101, Porkka KL131, Porkka KL151, Porkka KL171, Porkka KL301 models


£102.72 *
Product no.: SP1112013


Fits: Brema CB184, Brema CB246 (13g small cube), Brema CB249 (18g standard cube), Brema C300 (18g standard cube), Brema CB416 (13g small cube), Brema CB425 (13g small cube), Brema CB640 (13g), Brema CB840 (13g), Brema CB955 (13g), Brema CB1265 (13g), Brema CB1565 (18g standard cube) models

Also: NTF SL35, NTF SL50 (14g small cube), NTF SL60 (14g), NTF SL70 (14g), NTF SL90 (14g), NTF SL110 (14g), NTF SL140 (14g), NTF SL180 (14g) , NTF SL280 (14g), NTF SL350 (17g) models


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In stock

Product no.: SP1112099


Fits: Brema VM350, Brema VM500, Brema VM900 (2nd version) models

Also: NTF CV305, NTF CV475, NTF CV950 models


£69.55 *
Product no.: SP1112114


Fits: Simag SC40, Simag SC70, Simag SC120, Simag SC210, Simag SCN35, Simag SCN45, Simag SD22, Simag SD23, Simag SD30, Simag SD40, Simag SD60, Simag SD80, Simag SD125, Simag SD210 models

Also: Iceomatic U100, Iceomatic U105, Iceomatic U106 models


Replacement mechanical timer, with wiring kit and instructions.

£157.83 *
Product no.: SP1112199


Fits: Brema CB416, Brema C150 (42g extra large cube) models


£69.55 *
Product no.: SP1112124


Fits: Brema C150, Brema CB1565 (small 13g cube) models

Also: NTF SL150, NTF SL350 (small 14g cube) models


£69.55 *
Product no.: SP1112118


Fits: Brema C150, Brema CB246 (33g large cube), Brema CB416 (33g), Brema CB640 (33g)Brema CB840 (33g), Brema CB1565 (33g) models

Also: NTF SL50 (32g large cube), NTF SL60 (32g), NTF SL70 (32g), NTF SL90 (32g), NTF SL110 (32g), NTF SL140 (32g), NTF SL180 (32g), NTF SL280 (32g), NTF SL350 (32g) models


£69.55 *
Product no.: SP1112185


Fits: Kastel KP21/5, Kastel KP22/5, Kastel KP25/6, Kastel KP28/7, Kastel KP30/10, Kastel KP32/16, Kastel KP 35/15, KP44/15, KP45/15, KP45/25, Kastel KP50/26, Kastel KP65/40, KP75/40, Kastel KP80/40, KP90/55, Kastel KP100/60, Kastel KP125/70, KP130/75 KP160/70 models


£102.08 *
Product no.: SP1112190


Fits: Simag SDN35 models

Also: Iceomatic U145, Iceomatic U185 models


£167.14 *
Product no.: SP1112279


Fits: Simag SDN85, Simag SCN75, Simag SCN125, Simag SCN215, Simag SDN215, Simag SDE84 models

Also: Iceomatic U045, Iceomatic U085, Iceomatic U145, Iceomatic U146, Iceomatic U185, Iceomatic U186, Iceomatic U206 models


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In stock

Product no.: SP1112026
£86.77 *
Product no.: SP1114407


Fits: Iceomatic U105, Iceomatic U106, Iceomatic U126 models

Also: Simag SCN35, Simag SCN45 models

Also: Scotsman AC56 models (from serial 05908)


£139.40 *
Product no.: MAN000012012



£98.95 *
Product no.: MAN040001417


Retro-fit timer kit, replaces electronic timer

Fits: Manitowoc EC31, Manitowoc EC41, Manitowoc EC51, Manitowoc EC65, Manitowoc EC80 models


£118.35 *
Product no.: SPF3351026


Fits: Kastel KS1000, KS1000A, KS1000W, KS120-25, KS270, KS270A, KS270W, KS550, KS550A, KS550W, KS80, KS80-15


£91.49 *

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