Water pump 35w (Manitowoc)

Product no.: MAN040000038

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Fits: Manitowoc ECG018A, Manitowoc ECS018A, Manitowoc ECM018A models

Also: Manitowoc ECG023A, Manitowoc ECS023A, Manitowoc ECM023A, Manitowoc ECG023W, Manitowoc ECS023W, Manitowoc ECM023W models

Also: Manitowoc ECG031A, Manitowoc ECS031A, Manitowoc ECM031A, Manitowoc ECG031W, Manitowoc ECS031W, Manitowoc ECM031W models

Fits: Manitowoc ECG041A, Manitowoc ECS041A, Manitowoc ECM041A, Manitowoc ECG041W, Manitowoc ECS041W, Manitowoc ECM041W models

Also: Manitowoc ECG051A, Manitowoc ECS051A, Manitowoc ECM051A, Manitowoc ECG051W, Manitowoc ECS051W, Manitowoc ECM051W models

Also: Compact CP22e, Compact CP30sce, Compact CP30e, Compact CP45e, Compact CP70e, Compact CP150e, Compact CPV215e, Compact CPV315e models

Also: Icetronic IT22, Icetronic IT27, Icetronic IT30, Icetronic IT45, Icetronic IT150e, Icetronic IT215, Icetronic IT315 models

Also: Aquarius, Classeq, Classic, Compact and Levin variants of these EC models

Also: Manitowoc Sotto UG018, Manitowoc Sotto UG020A models

Also: Brice ECP22, Brice ECP35, Brice ECP45 models

Also: Hoshizaki AM-20CAE (Serial Nos. E-1xxxx, F-1xxxx) models


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