Here you'll find all the extra bits and bobs that are either essential or nice to have when knitting.

If you're into circular knitting check out the universal rotally, which doubles as a stitch marker and a row counter. We also stock KnitPro's sock blocker, ideal for those who can't stop knitting socks. We stock a variety of types of cable needle, straight and bent (continental style) as well as other handy things like darning needles, tape measures and blocking boards.

If you come across a gizmo that you think should be in every knitters' bag let us know!

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Product no.: CircularHanger

A handy way to store your circular needles (needles not included!)

£16.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_TapNeedles

Colourful plastic darning/tapestry needles with a bent tip to make them easier to use. 2 small and 2 large in each pack.

£1.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_TPins

Stainless steel T-Pins ideal for blocking projects. Box of 50.

£2.25 *
Product no.: Prym_Accessories:14
Knitters Kit
£4.99 *

In stock Stock Level: 2

Product no.: Prym_Accessories:4
Rotally (row counter for straight needles)
£3.16 *

In stock Stock Level: 1

Product no.: Prym_Accessories:3
Cable pins – straight – sizes 2.5mm and 4mm
£1.26 *

In stock Stock Level: 2

Product no.: Prym_Accessories:16
Tape Measure
£1.85 *

In stock Stock Level: 4

Product no.: Prym_Accessories:8
Stitch Markers (21)
£2.44 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_CableCon

Connections to join two knitpro interchangeable cables together to make longer lengths.

£1.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Pompom

Easy to use gadget to make short work of pom poms

£7.50 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_StitchRing

Solid ring plastic stitch markers

£2.10 *
Product no.: KnitPro_SplitMarkers

Split ring plastic stitch markers

£1.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_LockMarker

Lockable plastic stitch markers

£2.50 *
Product no.: KnitPro_WNLoop

Pack of three metal wool needles with cable loop eye

£1.75 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Blockers

Grouped pins for efficient and effective blocking

£15.95 *

Currently unavailable

Product no.: KnitPro_DPNtubes

Set of three cardboard tubes that are designed to keep your WIPs safe in transit

£7.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_ColouredCables

Cables for use with interchangeable needle tips, colour coded according to length

£1.95 *
Product no.: KnitPro_Gauge

Needle gauge with ruler and swatch markings

£2.75 *

In stock Stock Level: 2

Product no.: KnitPro_Circ_Pro

Circular needle protectors, pack of 3

£8.00 *

Currently unavailable


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