About Us


Where do I start? 


After trawling through website after website, it soon became clear to me that the extra special gift if was seeking was proving very difficult to find.  I didn't want to search tacky, seedy sites for a designer vibrator, but unfortunately that is exactly what I came saw on every site and every page.  It's true to be said that these once exclusive sites did first start out with the most elite of products.  Unfortunately like many before them, profit margins replaced ideals  and now they not only stock that oh so desirable object, but you can also buy, what i can only assume are products for those distasteful hen and stag parties.


It was then I decided that I possibly wasn't the only discerning woman who wanted to have the enjoyment and pleasure  f sourcing designer objects, without the hassle of being bombarded with what I can only describe as tack. The equation wasn't difficult, objects of desire minus tack equals dot.id!  Yes simple, a site purely for the purpose of accessing designer  products.  It took a considerable amount of time and research to source products that I would consider selling on this site - not to mention exploring the products for myself!!


I hope that with every product you purchase, you will have the same degree of excitement and anticipation as I encounter every time I try a new product.  Enjoy and indulge those inner sexual desires..