Iroha by Tenga - Tori Vibrator

Iroha by Tenga - Tori Vibrator

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Iroha by Tenga - Tori Vibrator

Shaped like a bird with a smooth tip for insertable pleasure.


Redefining pleasure
Redefining Pleasure for Women with iroha. A new step forward is born with the iroha+ The iroha brand's defining Soft Touch material comes paired with a powerful motor with a new rhythm pattern, in a fully waterproof design for use in water. Tease, squeeze and play with the iroha+ and its three functional designs to experience your body with new-found intimacy.


Defined Edges for Accentuated Pleasure
The iroha+ features more defined edges, so you can enjnoy an accentuated, stronger stimulation.

Softer to the Touch
Keeping iroha's unique Soft-Touch silicone, the iroha+ is now covered with silicone that is even softer and gentler on the skin.

Stronger Vibrations and New Waterproof Design
The iroha+ now houses a stronger motor than the original irohas, with 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns to enjoy. With its new waterproof design you can use iroha+ in water and of course, easily wash the entire item.

Clean and Hygienic with Anti-Dust Coating.
The iroha+ features iroha's anti-dust silicone coating, which protects the item from picking up dust and lint, allowing you to enjoy the iroha+ with peace of mind.

Simple Controls
With a simple two-button design, the iroha+ can be easily used by everyone.

Charging Case
You can charge iroha+ by simply placing it in its case! You can easily store the item to enjoy pleasure without fuss.


  • Recharging Time: Approx 120 Minutes
  • Running Time: Approx 60 Minutes
  • Waterproof:Yes, Up to 50cm
  • Materianls: FDA Approved Body-Safe Silicone,PC
  • Size/Weight: 102mm*50mm*40mm/86gr



  • Iroha Vibrator
  • USB Charging Dock/Storage Box


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About Iroha by Tenga:


Just as we eat right, sleep well and take care of our bodies, self-care is something that is important to all of us. Iroha believes the pleasure that our bodies seek, is also something we should value this way.  Iroha is a self-pleasure item, to respond to these natural needs. A brand created by women, for women, to provide a delectable experience unlike any other.

A fun, safe way to treat your body, to the luxurious sensations it seeks.  A new beginning in pleasure for women.



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