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RaliTripp-S is an easy to use, but sophisticated, GPS-based modern rally tripmeter with multiple trip distance and clock/stopwatch displays shown on a 3.5” colour and touch sensitive TFT display.

The tripmeter can be used in two ways:

  • As a standalone GPS-based tripmeter, with a simple installation (i.e. just power) for use in competition and non-competition (e.g. hire/recce) vehicles
  • As a sensor-based tripmeter, normally in competition cars, using traditional external wheel/speedo/pulse etc sensors, with manual or automatic switching between the sensors and GPS if, for example, a sensor problem arises or wheelspin is a problem.

Download RaliTripp-S user booklet in pdf form here  
Note: If the User Manual shows features not available on your unit, please contact the Basic Roamer Company for a FREE software upgrade

General description:

RaliTripp-S has an internal GNSS sensor (detecting and using the American GPS, Russian GLONASS and European GALILEO global navigation satellite constellations simultaneously) that provides tripmeter distances. 
This GNSS sensor allows high accuracy tripmeter distances and the full features of RaliTripp-S to be used even though the vehicle installation is trivial - just a power connection is needed.

However, up to 2 traditional external sensors - inductive proximity (e.g. wheel sensors) or pulse (e.g. speedo cable, electronic sensors etc.) or switch sensors (prop shafts etc) - can also be connected. 
Each external sensor, as well as the internal GNSS sensor, has its own calibration value allowing the unit to be calibrated against an organiser’s tripmeter calibration distance.

The sensor used to provide tripmeter distances can be selected manually, but RaliTripp-S also has a unique facility that selects the best sensor to use, automatically and without user intervention. 
Automatic selection can prioritise the use of the GPS sensor or the external sensors to provide tripmeter distances.

Additionally, there are 3 options that determine the tripmeter distance behaviour when the GPS sensor has been manually selected to provide tripmeter distances and there is a “lost fix” e.g. due to entering a tunnel or a very dense wooded area.

RaliTripp-S has 7 main modes, each with a dedicated screen, targetted at a particular type of rally or for different parts of the same rally:

  • Road – for general road navigation, road sections between ​stages etc
  • Rally – for road rallies
  • Regularity – for regularity rallies or regularity sections in other rallies
  • Jogularity – for jogularity rallies or jogularity sections in other rallies
  • Stage – for stage rallies
  • Due Time – for seeing how early/late it is from a set due time
  • Time – for a simple display of rally time.

There is a comprehensive set of easy to use screens to set, for example, rally time, sensor selection and their calibration values, screen features, colours etc.

The external remote switch unit minimises the need to touch RaliTripp-S during competitive sections.

RaliTripp-S cannot display vehicle speed or average speed in any way, ensuring it can be used on all competitive events without penalty.

RaliTripp-S is supplied with:

  • An 8-way pluggable wiring loom, with individual coloured wires
  • An external/internal magnetic mount GNSS antenna to maximise satellite detection/tracking and hence distance accuracy.  The antenna has a fixed 3 metre lead, but extension cables can be used to extend this​.
  • A right angle antenna cable adapter, allowing easier installation when the antenna cable may need to come towards the side of the unit
  • A (pluggable) remote switch unit with a 2 metre lead, allowing most of the RaliTripp-S functionality to be operated without touching the display
  • Aux plug to RaliTripp-S power cable for GPS use without sensor requirement.

Mechanical description

RaliTripp-S features a polypropylene black case with carbon effect front panel having o/a dimensions of 113mm (L) x 59mm (H) x 24mm (D).

There are 2 x M4 rivnuts attached to the rear to aid panel mounting if required
Alternatively, mounting can be via velcro pads and/or a windscreen holder found on this website.

Purchase options:

RaliTripp-S kit comprises:

  • Fully functional RaliTripp-S trip computer
  • Wiring loom and connector
  • Aux plug to RaliTripp-S power cable for GPS use without sensor requirement
  • An external/internal magnetic mount GNSS antenna
  • Right angle antenna cable adapter
  • Navigator's 2 button hand remote unit
  • Fixing kit

RaliTripp-S holder:

  • A lightweight holder for mounting either RaliClok or RaliTripp-S to variety of places and positions in the vehicle: HERE

​Navigator's remote unit:

  • Spare Navigator's 2 button hand remote unit can be found on the web site.

Download RaliTripp-S user booklet in pdf form here
Note: If the User Manual shows features not available on your unit, please contact the Basic Roamer Company for a FREE software upgrade

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