Cannon Bolt® Electric Power Stapler With Staples RRP £19.99 CLEARANCE XL £9.99

Cannon Bolt® Electric Power Stapler With Staples RRP £19.99 CLEARANCE XL £9.99

RRP £19.99
£9.99 / unit(s)
You save 50 %
Delivery weight: 1.8 kg

£9.99 each. 

The Cannon is both Bolt is a handy stapler, as well as a powerful hammer, which allows you to simply and easily for all types of carpenters - and DIY work can perform. Your creativity are set to change or repairs to all types of goods No Limit.

Replacement staples

Also is as easy as opening the nails against the underside resotred storage container and the removal of brackets. Here the nails are now used, the containers closed and everything is ready for use!


* Much stronger than mechanical Tracker
* Facilitates work in all the Joiner and
* You achieve a professional work
* Can save you time and effort
* Practical and easy to use

Suitable for all kinds of materials:

* Wood
* Cardboard
* Leather
* Carpeted floors
* Material

Technical details:

* Double Insulation
* Voltage: 220 V
* Weight: 0.59 kg

Package Contents:

* 1 Cannon Bolt
* 400 parentheses U10 mm
* 100 Nails T15 mm


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