Bats are incredibly important to the health of the environment and our gardens. Bats are the main predator of night-flying insects (mosquitoes, moths, beetles, etc). Bats in the UK have suffered a population decline due to a decrease in roosting spaces, feeding habitat losses and various ‘pest’ control measures.


We offer three sizes of bat box designed for UK bats. These range from our Single Chamber bat box - ideal for helping to attract bats to your area by providing bats with sheltered roosting space. We also offer a Double chamber bat box - a great choice if you know that bats are present and you want to provide them with additional roosting sites in your garden. Our Double Chamber bat box offers two roosting sections that allows bats to move between chambers as their temperature requirements change. Our Triple Chamber bat box is a sizeable habitat allowing year-round roosting. It is also large enough to allow for a maternity colony to roost and rear together.  


Bat boxes should be sited in a sheltered position, as high up as is practical (at least 2m above the ground – but the higher the better). Bat boxes are ideally sited in trees – but attaching them to the side of buildings or high walls is also desirable. Placing two or more bat-boxes close together facing different directions, allows bats to respond to changes in temperature by moving between houses as needed. Your bat box is made of Western Red Cedar and will not need treating with preservative or paint. Once your bat box has been put up, don't disturb it. Bats and Bat roosts are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which makes it an offence to disturb, handle or kill a bat. It may take some time for bats to find their way to your bat-box. Persevere as the scarcity of suitable roosting sites threatens bat’s survival. To encourage Bats- try planting scented night-time flowering evening primrose which attracts moths – on which bats feed.

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Bat Box
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Bat Box - Double Chamber
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Made of cedar. Dimensions: 450mm x 180 x 140mm (18mm x 90mm entrances). Ideal for an existing colony or to encourage breeding.
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