The dormouse is rounded and compact in shape. It can readily be distinguished from other mice by its orange brown coat and thick bushy tail. The dormouse can be found in woodland, hedgerows – and more recently specially designed nest boxes.


The dormouse’s diet consists of: insects, fruits, berries and nuts. The destruction of hedgerows and forests, during recent decades, has significantly reduced the population of the dormouse. A variety of different food sources available at different times of the year is required to ensure the dormouse survives. Where to site your dormouse house The dormouse will very rarely travel more than 70 meters from its nest. It is important therefore, that a range of trees and vegetation that provides a range of foods throughout the year is available close by. Siting a dormouse house near to Hazel, Blackthorn and Hornbeam trees would be beneficial.



Our dormouse house is made of western red cedar and does not require treating or painting. It can be fixed to trees with string or wire using the pre-drilled holes in the fixing plates. If using wire - it can be used inside an off-cut of garden hose and then fixed around the tree - so as not to cause damage to the tree over time. It can also be nailed to fences, posts, etc using the pre-drilled top hole on the entrance side of the house. The dormouse house should be secured approximately 1-1.5m above ground. The entrance should face towards the tree, post, fence, etc. The fixing plates provide enough room for the dormouse to enter and exit without allowing predators inside. Wherever possible the house should not be sited in exposed locations where northerly winds could affect the inhabitants. The ideal location for your dormouse house would be in a wooded area away from houses or busy thoroughfares. The dormouse is a European Protected Species and is protected in the UK Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Every effort should be made not to disturb the dormouse.

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