There are 5 species of breeding owls in the UK:

Barn owl Tyto alba

Tawny owl Strix aluco

Little owl Athene noctua

Long-eared owl Asio otus

Short-eared owl Asio flammeus

Numbers of UK owls are currently in decline. The distinctive and much-loved Barn owl has suffered population declines throughout the 20th century. Tawny Owl numbers have more than halved in the past decade. Little Owl populations are similarly dwindling.

Along with habitat protection and regeneration specially designed nest boxes can be provided that offer protection for both adults, and crucially - young owlets. The Barn, Tawny and Little owl are ‘cavity nesters’. This means that they will often nest in hollow trees or perhaps in roofs of derelict buildings – gaining access through small entrance holes. The Long and Short-eared owls have different nesting requirements and do not often take to man-made nesting habitats.

Our range of cedar owl boxes has been expertly designed to offer unrivalled long-lasting nesting sites for Barn, Tawny and Little Owls. All of our owl boxes are supplied with extremely strong and durable back-plates, brass fittings and full instructions. Crucially, detailed siting instructions are also provided. Poorly sited owl boxes – are extremely unlikely to be used. We also offer full after-sales advice/assistance.

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