Q: Where are you based and do you ship worldwide?

A: I'm based in the Northeast of England (UK) in a groovy place called Northumberland and do, indeed, ship worldwide. In fact, the vast majority of my customers are based overseas and I have a blast interacting with all the cool cultures I've been fortunate enough to connect with. The labels are proudly made on planet Earth for my fellow humans around the world. We are one!


Q: What Payment options do you have? Do you store payment and credit card details?

A: I use PayPal for all payments taken via the Store. The good news is that PayPal is easy to use and you don't even need a PayPal account to use them. We don't store ANY payment details / credit card details at all - it's all handled by PayPal so you can be secure in the knowledge that you are using a world-class trusted payment processing company. 



Q: How strong are the magnets in the KickTags? Will they fall off my board?

A: The magnetic backing on the KickTags Surrounds is almost 1mm thick and is the strongest magnet in its class in the UK. In addition, for key elements of the Modular Labelling System, I embed Neodymium Magnets (Neos) into the back of each label. Look them up! These are very powerful small magnets that are magnetically powerful enough to prevent anything coming off your board, unless you want it to.

As an example, some of the Neos used in KickTags are only 10mm circular diamater, but have the power to lift 0.6kg of vertical steel weight EACH!! 


Q: How tough are KickTags? Are they strong enough to survive the road?

A: KickTags are based on a 3mm thick solid Acrylic material, which is laser-cut for precision, and mounted on strips of 1mm flexible magnetic backing for stability and adhesion, with key components including an embedded Neo Magnet (see above). Waterproof. UV stable. Road proof. Black. Awesome.


Q: Can I just buy the Text Labels by themselves? Will they stick to my board?

A: Yes, you can... but they really need a Surround to go into to make sure they don't just spin around on your board.



Q: Do you offer Endorsement deals?

A: I really appreciate you digging what I'm doing and wanting to promote it for me and hope you can understand why this isn’t possible right now;  I'm a one-man (and his dog!) band and I'm extremely fortunate to be able to say that demand is constantly outstripping supply. Even the pro's and world famous players you all know and love have graciously paid for what I've made for them (Having said that, if you're Joe Satriani then completely ignore this foolish statement and drop me a line matey :-)) 



Q: I have a board that you don’t make KickTags for. Can I use them on my board?

A: Unfortunately, not, as the KickTags system utilises 'Uni-Surrounds' that are designed for specific boards.



Q: Can the Neo Magnets fall off over time?

A: The Neos are Superglued into place, so they should stay put under normal use. However, anything that is glued has the potential to become unglued, so in the extremely unlikely event a Neo detaches from a KickTags component, don't panic... simply dab a blob of glue onto it and stick it right back.



Q: What’s the difference between a duck?

A: An excellent and perfectly valid question. One of its legs are both the same. (Are you in the pub, and can I join you?)



Q: Do you do custom work? How much do you charge?

A: Sure thing! Let me know what you have in mind - I'm always up for a natter. All jobs are priced on request and based purely on the time I estimate to do the work for you and any materials I need to get.



Q: You always seem so upbeat and happy. What are you on and where can I get some?

A: You know what my friend... every day when I look out of my window, the sun is shining, people are dancing in the streets and the birds are singing in the trees. If you can’t see it from where you're sitting,  you need to look out of a different window…