GloRiser - Mounts / Lighting Platforms



The mighty GloRiser; the easiest and by far the coolest way to mount either your Expression/Wah pedals or even your Midi Controller or Multi-FX units to your pedalboards WITHOUT HAVING TO REMOVE THE FEET FROM YOUR GEAR!

Super cool.

Even cooler is that the risers allow you to integrate a flexible LED light strip within them so you can light them up! For expression pedals, this is a great instant visual way to recognise functions in multi pedal setups. Plus, it just looks damn cool :-)

GloRisers are availble for either Wah/Expression pedals (GloRiser) or Midi/Multi-FX units (GloRiser Uni). Click on a pic for info and to order!



GloRiser .           GloRiser_UNI2




PLEASE PLEASE read the 'Delivery Notes'  section before placing any orders, which has important info about delivery times etc. Thank you :-)