GloRiser Uni - Midi Controller / Multi FX Mount...

GloRiser Uni - Midi Controller / Multi FX Mount and Light Platform





GloRiser UNI is a universal midi-controller/multi FX unit mounting system that allows you to easily attach your groovy controllers to your pedalboardboard without the hassle of having to remove their feet. Even cooler, it can even light up for ease of visibility on dark stages, or just to add a little mojo to your board :-)


No more farting around removing feet then trying to find alternative size screws that may damage delicate electronics inside your device... no more using tin-straps that have to be screwed into your board... no need to risk leaving screws out altogether and have your gear fall apart or risk random smeg getting inside the enclosure!


The system comprises of eight solid (10mm thick!) laser-cut clear acrylic pieces; 4 smaller pieces to put on the corners of your device around the feet, and 4 to spread out in the middle of your device.


PedalRiser2  GLUNI_pieces_attached



You simply attach ALL the pieces to your device using good quality velcro (NOT included) and then     velcro the corner pieces to your pedalboard (I recommend putting a decent size strip on your pedalboard for better grip). If you wish, you can also velcro the centre pieces onto your pedalboard (although I've not found this necessary with my Fractal AX8). 


And if you're feeling really saucy, you can stick an LED light strip, facing outwards, around the middle pieces (the 10mm depth of the pieces is the perfect depth for attaching a light) and make the underside of your device light up on your board! 


GLUNI_light_attached  GLUNI_glowing


Remember, Velcro is NOT included; the kit comprises 8 laser-cut mounting pieces, as shown. The LED light available through ZenRigs is the same one used for the GlorRiser for Expression pedals, and is 19" long; if you want a bigger light, there are plenty of options online.


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GloRiser Uni

Securely mount your Midi Controller or Multi-FX to your pedalboard without having to remove the feet from your unit!


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can be shipped within 15 business days

GloJuice 9v Battery Box

GloJuice 9v Battery Box, for powering the RGB LED Strip Light (also available from this page). Battery not included!

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£4.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 20 (business) days

RGB LED Strip Light (19" long)

RGB LED Strip Light for GloRiser. Includes a handy wireless remote to control light colour, mode, brightness etc.

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£17.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 15 business days

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