Lightweight Turnout Rugs

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Saxon lightweight turnout sheet with standard neck and no filling.

RRP £39.99
£32.99 *
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Bucas Buzz-Off rain rug is an integrated fly and rain sheet.

RRP £105.00
£67.50 *
You save £37.50

Bucas Sun Shower ultra lightweight turnout rug that keeps your horses coat super shiney.

RRP £90.00
£75.00 *
You save £15.00

Bucas Smartex Rain is a lightweight turnout rug with stay dry lining.

RRP £174.00
£130.50 *
You save £43.50

Tough and durable light weight turnout.

RRP £297.50
£165.00 *
You save £132.50

Bucas Irish lightweight turnout rug with 50g filling. The Bucas Irish Turnout rugs are a performance rug that gives value for money and super flexibility to suit your horse’s needs.

RRP £104.00
£87.00 *
You save £17.00

Bucas Irish lightweight turnout rug with 50g filling in pony sizes.

RRP £79.00
£66.00 *
You save £13.00

Bucas Smartex Rain Lightweight Pony Turnout Rug.

£115.00 *

Bucas Buzz-Off zebra rain rug from solves the dilemma of what rug your horse should wear when flies are out but there's a chance of rain. 

£67.50 *

Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200D Standard Lightweight Turnout Rug with no filling with a standard neck.

RRP £94.99
£82.00 *
You save £12.99

In stock

Strong and durable 600 Denier outer fabric with ripstop technology.

RRP £49.99
£30.00 *
You save £19.99

Bucas Select Lightweight Turnout Rug can be used as a rain sheet on its own or combined with a choice of Select Quilts.

RRP £109.00
£90.00 *
You save £19.00

The Bucas Select Rugs offer unbeatable flexibility.

RRP £55.00
£45.00 *
You save £10.00

Comfortable, durable, remarkable value.

RRP £84.99
£72.99 *
You save £12.00

Lightweight pony turnout with netted lining.

RRP £46.00
£28.00 *
You save £18.00

Lightweight Turnout by Eskadron

RRP £98.00
£55.00 *
You save £43.00

Introduced to celebrate the 35th birthday of Bucas!

RRP £112.00
£95.00 *
You save £17.00
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