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Trem 45 Degree Clinometer

Trem 45 Degree Clinometer - Measure the optimum angle of heel.

£11.50 *
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Gill Quick Dry Tool

Gill's Quick Dry Tool - Great for the kit bag and in two colours

£28.90 *

Velocitek Prism Racing Compass

Velocitek Prism Racing Compass - Top of the range electronic compass

£334.90 *


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D-Splicer Fixed Needle F10

D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F10 - Designed for up to 2mm rope

£16.50 *

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F15

D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F15 - Designed for up to 2-4mm rope

£16.80 *

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F20

D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F20 - Designed for up to 4-6mm rope

£17.50 *

D-Splicer Fixed Needle F25

D-Splicer Fixed Splicing Needle F25 - Designed for up to 6-8mm rope

£18.00 *

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