Forward Sailing

Forward Sailing

Forward Sailing

Forward Sailing - the newest name in WIP (Water Impact Protection). Sailors are going higher and faster with the AC's, Int Moth, Skiffs and Catamarans - time for serious protection. Forward Sailing is developing a full range of WIP kit including impact vests, harnesses, helmets etc...


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Forward Sailing WIP Gloves

Forward Sailing's WIP Gloves - Water Impact Protection and super grippy 

£27.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Flying Mask

Forward Sailing's WIP Flying Mask - Designed for the extreme sailor with high speed goggles.

£59.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Reversible Beanie

Forward Sailing WIP Reversible Beanie - Keep yourself warm and looking good!

£16.95 *

Forward Sailing Neoprene Beanie

Forward Sailing's Neoprene Beanie - Ideal headwear for winter sailing with great colour range and even a bobble on top!

£24.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Sailing Cap

Forward Sailing's WIP Sailing Cap - Adjustable and in three great colours

£19.95 *

Forward Sailing WIPPER Junior Sailing Helmet

Forward Sailing's WIPPER Junior Sailing Helmet - Great protection for all types of water sports including sailing, surfing and kiting.

£49.95 *

Forward Sailing WIPPER Helmet

Forward Sailing's WIPPER Sailing Helmet - Designed in four colours for watersports - sailing, kite, windsurfing or even paddling

Forward Sailing Helmet PROWIP v2.0

Forward Sailing's Helmet PROWIP v2.0 - Used by many of the top sailors in extreme racing for total protection. NEW AND IMPROVED...

From £84.90 *

Forward Sailing Safety Knife

Forward Sailing's Safety Knife - Designed to stow very neatly within the Impact Vest.

£9.95 *
In stock

Forward Sailing 50N Impact Vest

Forward Sailing's Impact Vest - Used by the AC sailors when they needed the very best - thin, light and super comfortable

From £108.90 *

Forward Sailing Trapeze Harness Pro

Forward Sailing's Trapeze Harness Pro - Great harness with unique lumbar belt and velcro system

£159.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Maxi Lumbar Belt

Forward Sailing's WIP Maxi Lumbar Belt - For additional protection and support when trapezing for longer distances.

£44.95 *

Forward Sailing Neoprene 3/4 Pant

Forward Sailing's 3/4 Neoprene Pants - Superb protection for the knees and backside - ideal for skiffs, catamarans and SUPing

£59.90 *

Forward Sailing Fly WIP PRO-TEC Top

Forward Sailing's Fly WIP PRO-TEC Top - Incredible protection with the Water Impact Protection system and ideal for skiff or cat sailors who are taking it to the edge

£109.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Long Sleeve Rashvest

Forward Sailing's WIP Long Sleeve Rashvest - Additional harness hook entry 

£34.95 *

Forward Sailing WIP Merino Top

Forward Sailing's WIP Merino Top - High quality warm base layer

£49.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Titanium 1mm Neoprene Top

Forward Sailing's WIP Titanium 1mm Neoprene Top - Ideal for a base or mid layer used in partnership with the WIP Long John

£78.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Fly Neoprene 3mm Top

Forward Sailing WIP Fly Neoprene 3mm Top - Bolero style front zip layer including impact protection

£119.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Flex Race Smock

Forward Sailing's WIP Flex Race Smock - High quality spray top including Zone Flex neoprene back panel

£119.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Race Neoprene Rigging Jacket

Forward Sailing's WIP Race Neoprene Rigging Jacket - Wrap up in something warm when on or off the water with this great 'Parka'

£129.90 *

Forward Sailing Fly WIP PRO-TEC Pants

Forward Sailing's Fly WIP PRO-TEC Pants - Incredible protection for the lower body with the Water Impact Protection system and ideal for skiff or cat sailors who are taking it to the edge

£129.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Fly Neoprene 3mm Pants

Forward Sailing WIP Fly Neoprene 3mm Pants - Ideal for skiff or cat sailing with added protection.

£139.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Hiking Pants

Forward Sailing's WIP Hiking Pants - Full length spandex trousers with super protection - ideal for single hander sailors.

£109.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Custom Hiking Pads

Forward Sailing's WIP Custom Hiking Pads - Tailor made for any sailor to get out and hike for longer.

£49.90 *

Forward Sailing Fly WIP Neo Long John 3mm

Forward Sailing's 3mm Water Impact Protection Long John - Designed to protect dinghy sailors as well as keep you seriously comfortable.

£169.90 *

Forward Sailing Fly WIP 4mm Steamer

Forward Sailing's Fly WIP 4mm Steamer - All overall protection for extreme sailing, surfing and kite...

£279.90 *

Forward Sailing Hybrid Semi Dry Fly WIP Suit

Forward Sailing's Hybrid Semi Dry Fly WIP Suit - The ultimate combination with a dry top and neoprene legs plus protection panels throughout...

£359.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Windbreaker Crew Jacket

Forward Sailing's WIP Windbreaker Crew Jacket - Warm, breathable and waterproof

£144.90 *

Forward Sailing WIP Light Sailing Shorts

Forward Sailing's WIP Light Sailing Shorts - Perfect for the summer, quick dry and protected seat.

Forward Sailing WIP Dry Sailing Shorts

Forward Sailing's WIP Dry Sailing Shorts - Perfect for the summer sailing on the yacht or dinghy.


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1 - 30 of 31 results