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Gill Junior Floating Knit Beanie

Gill Junior Floating Knit Beanie - Perfect for younger sailors to keep warm on the water without someone worrying..

£14.95 *

Gill i3 Beanie Hat

Gill's i3 Beanie Hat - Perfect protection for the winter when on or off the water


£16.90 *

Gill i4 Neck Gaiter

Gill's i4 Neck Gaiter - Fleece lined neck protection for colder weather


£16.90 *

Gill i3 Polarclava

Gill's i3 Polarclava - A great balaclava which can be used in many ways


£16.90 *

Gill Sailing Cap

Gill's Sailing Cap - Classic headwear for being out on the water in three colours


£16.95 *

Gill Cable Knit Beanie

Gill's Cable Knit Beanie - One of the VR's favourites and slightly retro but very stylish and warm!


£18.90 *

Gill Wide Rib Knit Beanie

Gill's Wide Rib Knit Beanie - Stylish headware for on or off the water


£18.90 *

Gill Band Stripe Beanie

Gill's Band Stripe Beanie - Cool design for cold days


£18.90 *

Gill Windproof Fleece Beanie

Gill's Windproof Fleece Beanie - Ideal hat for keeping you warm in the winter


£18.90 *

Gill i4 Storm Hood

Gill's i4 Storm Hood - Wind and waterproof for extreme sailing conditions


£18.90 *

Gill Floating Knit Beanie

Gill's Floating Knit Beanie - A beanie you can wear on the water without worrying...

£19.95 *

Gill Waffle Knit Beanie

Gill's Waffle Knit Beanie - Available in Bright Blue or Navy

£18.90 *

Gill Jacquard Knit Beanie

Gill Jacquard Knit Beanie - Two colours available in Grey or Navy - Bring on winter!!

£18.90 *

Gill Pro Visor

Gill Pro Visor - keeps the glare from your eyes whilst on the water

£19.90 *

Gill Pro Cap

Gill Pro Cap - A technical sailing cap to prevent glare from your eyes

£19.90 *
In stock

Gill Thermoskin Beanie

Gill's Thermoskin Beanie - Neoprene headwear for the colder days on the water

£19.90 *

Gill Race Cap

Gill Race Cap - Lightweight and retainer in two colours

£19.90 *

Gill Helmsman Hat

Gill's Helmsman Hat - Waterproof and breathable - perfect for cruising and keelboats in wet conditions 


£27.90 *

Gill Technical Sailing Sun Hat

Gill's Technical Sailing Sun Hat - 50+UV protection and water resistant


£38.90 *

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