Inshore Racing

Inshore Racing

Inshore Racing

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Gill Race Trousers

Gill's Race Trousers - Graphite or Silver - UV Protection and reinforced in all the right places

£98.90 *

Gill Race Softshell Gilet

Gill's Race Softshell Gilet - Mid-layer or summer jacket to take off the chill in the evening

Gill Race Softshell Jacket

Gill's Race Softshell Jacket - Perfect for on deck or onshore 

£134.90 *

Gill Race Shore Jacket

Gill's Race Shore Jacket - Look good even at the prize giving!

£148.90 *

Gill Race Smock

Gill's Race Smock - High intensity but ultra lightweight top for racing

£188.90 *

Gill Race Jacket

Gill's Race Jacket - Performance fit and ultra lightweight 3 layer breathable outer layer

£218.90 *

Gill KB1 Keel Boat Racer Jacket

Gill's KB1 Racer Jacket - Highly recommended for Keel Boat racing - tough and light!

£274.90 *

Gill KB1 Keel Boat Racer Smock

Gill's KB1 Racer Smock - Stunning top for keel boat racers - Highly Recommended by the VR Support Crew

£274.90 *

Gill KB1 Keel Boat Racer Trousers

Gill's KB1 Racer Trouser - High-fit design and works perfectly for keel boat sailors

£274.90 *

Gill Womens Team Softshell Jacket

Gill's Womens Team Softshell Jacket - Keep warm and stylish for the prize giving!

£108.90 *

Gill Pilot Trouser

Gill Pilot Trouser - Great over trouser protection for inshore sailing and racing.

£74.90 *

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