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Gill Pads

Gill's Pads - Deck protection which can be cut to size and used in a number of Gill shorts and trousers

£16.90 *

Gill Junior Performance Hiking Pads

Gill's Junior Performance Hiking Pads - Convert your long john, trousers or shorts for hiking

£32.90 *

Gill Junior Speedskin Wetsuit Shorts

Gill's Junior Speedskin Wetsuit Shorts - Great for summer and also can be converted to hiking shorts

£34.90 *

Gill Performance Hiking Pads

Gill's Performance Hiking Pads - Great kit for converting your kit for hiking

£44.90 *

Gill Junior Pro Impact Shorts

Gill's Junior Pro Impact Shorts - Great protection when sailing in your dinghy or yacht

£44.90 *
In stock

Gill Board Shorts

Gill's Board Shorts - Quick drying and water repellent boardies

Gill Speedskin Wetsuit Shorts

Gill's Wetsuit Shorts - Ideal for summer and can be converted to a hiking system too

£54.90 *

Gill Pro Impact Shorts

Gill's Pro Impact Shorts - Ideal protection when sitting on the rail on their own or underneath your shorts

£58.90 *

Gill Performance Sailing Shorts

Gill's Performance Sailing Shorts - Great protection for all types of sailing whether on a dinghy or yacht

£74.90 *

Gill Waterproof Sailing Shorts

Gill's Waterproof Sailing Shorts - Discontinued Item

£74.90 *

Gill Race Shorts

Gill's Race Shorts - Built for the summer and quick drying with UV 50+ protection

£74.90 *

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