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VR Topper Halyard Loop

VR Topper Halyard Loop - Designed to keep the mainsail tight to the top of the mast

£3.25 *
In stock

Topper Gooseneck Liner & Rowlock

Allen's Nylon Topper 'Club' Gooseneck and Sleeve Liner - This is an essential spare for the expanding toolbox for any Topper club sailor

£11.90 *

Topper Gudgeon Plate

Topper Gudgeon Plate N2

£8.40 *
In stock

Topper Gooseneck

Topper's 'VR Race' Gooseneck - Allen's nylon extra hardened Topper gooseneck - If your out on the circuit and your budget does not stretch to a spare boom, this is an essential spare for the expanding toolbox 

£7.90 *

Topper Nylon Mast Cap (Pre 2014)

Allen's Topper Nylon Mast Cap - Great for the toolbox when travelling around the Topper circuit

£10.90 *
In stock

Topper Nylon Boom End Cap

Topper's Nylon Topper Boom End Cap - Another essential spare for your kit bag.

£13.90 *
In stock

Topper Gooseneck and Mast Collar (Post 2014)

The NEW Topper Gooseneck for 2014 - redesigned to try to prevent breakages

£19.90 *

Mast Step Cup Assembly A6AF

Mast Step Cup Assembly A6AF - Important to replace when worn.

£21.90 *

Topper Tidy Bag

Topper Tidy Bag - keep your Topper tidy by putting all your stuff in this 'bitz bag'


£19.90 *

Topper Padded Centre Toe Strap

Topper's Padded Centre Toe Strap W12BW
£29.90 *
In stock

Topper Hull Plate

Topper Hull Plate


£31.95 *
In stock

Topper Outhaul Cleat Assembly W15/1

Topper Outhaul Cleat Assembly W15/1 - Camcleat package for racing specifications

£32.90 *

Topper Daggerboard Case Moulding A3A

Topper's Daggerboard Case Moudlings (A3A) - Pair and easy to replace

£38.20 *
In stock

Topper Transom Outer Plate

Topper Transom Outer Plate TT10 - Stainless Steel
£54.25 *

Topper Rudder Stock Casting inc Bush H16/2

Topper's Rudder Stock Casting including the plastic bush

£54.50 *
In stock

Topper Gudgeon SS Plate inc Bush N2S

Topper Gudgeon Stainless Streel Plate including the Bush (N2S)

£54.50 *
In stock

Topper Padded Side Toe Strap (Pair)

Topper Padded Side Toe Strap (Pair) W13B

£44.90 *

Topper Tiller Arm H5

Topper's Tiller Arm H5 - Robust plastic tiller section for the popular Topper dinghy 

£59.90 *

Topper Spar Bag

Topper Spar Bag 

£64.90 *

Topper Sail 4.2 Rolled Red/Blue

Topper's 4.2 Mainsail - Ideal for starting in Toppers without having to reef your sail.

£184.90 *

Topper Rudder Blade H3

Topper's Rudder Blade H3 - Always useful when steering the boat.

£180.90 *

Lower Mast D1WR

£197.50 *

Topper Sail 5.3 Rolled Red/Blue

Topper's 5.3 Mainsail - Rolled and ready for racing...

£229.90 *

Topper Daggerboard J1

Topper's Daggerboard - Heavy and robust centreboard

£241.50 *

Topper Daggerboard Gasket

Topper Daggerboard Gasket - M7

£11.95 *
In stock

Topper Nylon Bush N1A

Topper Nylon Bush for the Rudder Casting - Pair (N1A)

£6.00 *

Topper Mastgate Lanyard and Toggles

Topper Mastgate Lanyard and Toggles

£6.50 *
In stock

Topper Mast Head Fitting (Post 2014)

Topper Mast Head Fitting (Post 2014) - Designed for the new sail web fitting

£8.90 *
In stock

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