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Crewsaver's Phase2 Junior Control Top - Quick drying thermal fabric, breathable and flat locked seams.


£35.00 *
You save £20.00
Gul's Junior Rashguard LS - classic surfers junior baselayer with great UV protection
£13.50 *

Gill's Junior UV Short Sleeve Rash Vest - Wear as part of a layering sytem or when the sun is out for UV protection

£19.90 *

Gill's Junior UV Long Sleeve Rash Vest - Super UV protection when the sun is out or part of a layering system

£19.90 *

Gill's Junior Hydrophobe Long Sleeve Top - Essential base layer keeping you protected from the sun or keeping you warm in colder conditions

£28.90 *

Gill's Junior Dinghy Top - Great price for quality junior spraytop 

£48.90 *

Gill's Junior Thermal Dinghy Top - Super warm fleece lined spraytop - ideal for keeping warm in the winter.

£88.90 *

In stock

Gill's Junior Speedskin Wetsuit Shorts - Great for summer and also can be converted to hiking shorts

£34.90 *

Currently unavailable

Gill's Junior Speedskin Wetsuit Trousers - Great protection and can be converted to a hiking system

£44.90 *

Currently unavailable

Gill's Junior Speedskin Skiff Suit - Perfect all round layering kit and also convertable for hiking system too

£58.90 *

Currently unavailable

Gill's Junior Pro Hikers - Classic neoprene hiking pants

£108.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing's Elite Junior Rashguard - Fantastic UV protection whilst looking very cool!

£35.45 *

Gill's Junior Pro Impact Shorts - Great protection when sailing in your dinghy or yacht

£44.90 *

In stock

NeilPryde's Elite Junior Hikepadz Shorts - excellent to be used either on their own in the summer or underneath your wetsuit or long john

£59.90 *

Gul's Profile 3mm Junior Thermo Top - Highly recommended by the VR Race Team "Super warm and stretchy - don't leave shore without one!"


£30.00 *
You save £17.50

NeilPryde Sailing's Young Gun Elite Firewire Heatseeker Top - Stay warm for winter with this amazing neoprene outer layer designed for youth and junior sailors

£89.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing's Elite Firewire 3.5mm Long John - Extreme weather then here is the solution - no need for drysuits anymore! 

£194.90 *

NeilPryde Sailing's Raceline Junior Long John - New for 2015 and VR Support Crew think this is the best value kit for young sailors.

£71.50 *

NeilPryde Sailing's Raceline Junior Top - great 3mm neoprene layer for all conditions.

£49.95 *

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