Multi-tools & Knifes

Multi-tools & Knifes

Multi-tools & Knifes

VR stocks an extensive range of multi-tools and knives for all those jobs on or off small and big boats - just call or email us if you can't find what you are looking for.


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Locking knives or blades are not allowed on commercial aircraft

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Pocket Locking Rope Knife

Pocket Rope Knife - Locking blade and ideal for rope cutting and general jobs on the boat. 

£9.95 *

Forward Sailing Safety Knife

Forward Sailing's Safety Knife - Designed to stow very neatly within the Impact Vest.

£9.95 *

Rescue Knife Floating

Rescue Knife Floating

£9.95 *

Spinlock Emergency Cutter

Spinlock's Emergency S Cutter - Essential piece of safety kit for both yachting and general dinghy sailing

£11.20 *


You save £2.05
In stock

Gill Harness Rescue Tool

Gill's Harness Rescue Tool - Essential kit for anyone wearing any harness either trapezing or yachting


£15.90 *


You save £2.10
In stock

Gill Personal Rescue Knife

Gill's Personal Rescue Knife - Essential kit for any sailor out on the water

£20.90 *

Wichard Aquaterra Plain Blade Knife

Wichard Aquaterra Plain Blade Knife - Ideal for any watersports including sailing, paddling or sports boats.

£21.90 *

Wichard Aquaterra Serrated Blade Knife

Wichard Aquaterra Serrated Blade Knife - Quality watersports knife in three colours

£23.45 *

Gill Marine Tool

Gill's Marine Tool - Essential tool for all the little jobs on the boat


£29.90 *

Wichard Aquaterra Plain Blade with Corkscrew Knife

Wichard Aquaterra Plain Blade with Corkscrew Knife - What every water sport fan needs - exercise and a reward afterwards - cheers! 

£30.40 *

Wichard Offshore Serrated Blade Knife

Wichard Offshore Serrated Blade Knife - Sailing knife that stays sharp in all conditions and cuts Dyneema®

From £29.85 *

Leatherman Style CS Multi-tool

Leatherman's Style CS multi-tool - The handy Style CS is a unique clip-on multi-tool that fits in a pocket and clips in your buoyancy aid or your bag for easy portability. 

£34.90 *

Gerber Dime Red Multi-tool

Gerber Dime Red Multi-tool - Discontinued

£34.95 *

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multi-tool

The Leatherman Squirt is a lightweight mini-tool that comes in handy for everything. Available in Red, Blue or Black.

£39.50 *

Wichard Offshore Serrated Blade, Shackle Key and Spike Knife

Wichard Offshore Serrated Blade, Shackle Key and Spike Knife - Everything you need when sailing and even cuts Dyneema®

£39.80 *

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

Gerber's Suspension Multi-Tool - a fantastic all rounder and fits snuggly into its own sheath

£39.99 *

Gerber E-Z Out Rescue Knife

Gerber's E-Z Out Rescue Knife - Bright yellow and very easy to use - important for all sailors to have on board!

£39.99 *

D-16 Scissors

D-16 Scissors - Specially designed scissors for cutting Dyneema - perfect gift for any rigger!

£37.15 *

Gerber FIT Light Multi-Tool

Gerber's FIT Light Multi-Tool - ideal for any job on the boat day or night in high visible orange. 

£49.99 *

Leatherman Wingman Multi -tool

The Leatherman Wingman is a great, lightweight, pocket-sized, stainless steel tool with an amazing value.

£59.90 *

Gerber Flik Multi-Plier

Gerber's Flik Multi-Plier - ideal for all those rigging jobs on the boat and one-handed opening.

£59.95 *

Leatherman Black OHT Multi-Tool

Leatherman Black OHT Multi-Tool - Stealth mode tool for the dinghy park...

£109.90 *

Leatherman Wave Multi-tool

The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is leathermans most popular model with large knives, strong pliers, long wire cutters and all-locking blades. Perfect for any job, adventure or everyday task!

£119.90 *

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