Rivets (Monel & Carbon)

Rivets (Monel & Carbon)

Rivets (Monel & Carbon)

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STF Monel Pop Rivets - Multiple Sizes

Monel pop rivets can be safely used in aluminium mast and disimilar metals - they create a near 'flush-to-surface' bond between two materials

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VR Carbon Rivet 4.8mm for 6 - 8.5mm depth

VR Carbon Rivets - 4.8mm width for 6 - 8.5mm depth (pack of 2)


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VR Carbon Rivet 4.8mm for 3.5 - 6mm depth

VR Carbon Rivet 4.8mm width for 3.5 - 6mm depth (pack of 2)




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Duralac Paste 115ml Tube

Duralac Paste 115ml Tube - The Anti Corrosive Jointing Compund - Use when fittings screws, rivets, bolts etc.

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