The Kitchens and Furniture Workshop use only the best in design technology to assist you and us in creating the most efficient & attractive kitchens money can buy!,

AutoKitchen MicroCad is kitchen design software for professional kitchen designers. with AutoKitchen MicroCad we can design a kitchen from scratch, in a fraction of the time it takes to design it by hand. since it works in a true 3d environment, changes to the design are executed rapidly and are instantly available in all views.

The program generates detailed and professional-looking plans, elevations, and perspectives. we can also generate color renderings of your projects with specific textures and finishes, lights, reflections and kitchen accessories that will enhance our presentation to you. in addition, from within AutoKitchen MicroCad we can generate a project list of all elements placed in the design along with their references, dimensions, brief descriptions and any modifications or options applicable to each. this project list can be customized by the user to include additional items not shown in the design, as well as specific charges and/or discounts applicable to each project.

AutoKitchen MicroCad's ease of use, output quality and dwg format will allow us to work faster and communicate better with you and with other professionals engaged in your kitchen design project such as Builders, Architects, Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, Cabinet and Appliance suppliers.

We at the Kitchens and Furniture Workshop are commited to providing you with the best possible planning service available,  so we offer a pre visit design and price service too, all we require is a sketch and list of dimensions of the room plus the style of kitchen required including a full wish list and we will forward you a free quotation as soon as possible, 'HASSLE FREE Quotations'

If you are wanting to design your own plans and layouts pre quotation, then please feel free to download our free 3D planning program today and forward your requirements to us when your ready,

Download now FREE! :- Kitchendraw

This Download program will give you 30 Working Hours of free usage ( includes tutorials and more! )

Please feel free to call us today if you require any assistance at all or to book your free consultation on 01985 300906330 6600434


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