Giving Up your Bulldog

Giving Up your Bulldog

​This is a situation that plainly needs dealing with properly and your dogs best interest must be put at the forefront of your mind. Before placing an advert or contacting the rescue the first thing you need to do is check your contract of sale and make sure that you haven't signed to agree to return your dog to his breeder. Even if you haven’t signed a contract of sale it's probably a good idea to contact your breeder first and just make sure they're not expecting you to return your dog. Not every breeder will be in a position to take back a dog or help you find a new home and in these cases the rescue service is the best option and certainly the safest alternative. Adverts in papers are never a good idea, they attract the wrong kind of buyer and making money should never be your priority. We also don’t recommend that you use the on-line sites that specialise in selling live animals, that has never sat comfortably with us.

You may have a dog’s home or pound local to where you are and although I appreciate that taking your dog there would be easier for you, it’s not always in the best interest of your dog to be left with hundreds of other dogs and with staff that do not have the breed experience to find the right home for him. Bulldogs in all breed shelters stand a very good chance of ending up in the wrong home.

Please also do not advertise your bulldog as “Free to Good Home”, if you really do not want any money for him then use the breed rescue service, a vetted home is much better than someone who just wants him because he’s free.

So how is best to rehome a dog? This may seem like a stupid question but you would not believe how many people get it wrong. The first rule is simple, because someone wants a bulldog, it does not make them a good home or indeed the right home for your dog! The second most common mistake is rehoming to a family member, its unlikely this family member really wants a bulldog so taking yours on because they're helping you out is not a good idea and it rarely works.

Finding the right home takes time; would you give your child to the first person who expressed an interest? Probably not. In rescue we keep a list of potential new homes, but even getting on that list doesn't guarantee a dog, we will ask the basic questions such as name, address, how big is the garden, is the fencing in good order, how long are you at work. But also why do you want a dog, why a rescue dog? What happened to your last dog? Would your vet vouch for you? As well as if you'd be prepared to take on dogs of a certain age, dogs that weren’t housetrained, dogs that had insecurity problems and in doing so we have a database of people across the entire UK who are not only willing to take a dog from the rescue but who we already know what type of personality they are willing to take. By having this information we are able to match the dog to the home and select a family that suits that dog. So many assume that rehoming is just a case of finding a family willing to take on a bulldog, but what if the next bulldog on the list couldn't be safely placed with other dogs, and the next family in the queue had other dogs? We see it so many times when bulldogs go into all breed rescue centres, once word gets out that there's a bulldog in the local shelter everyone who just wants a bulldog descends on them and without the breed experience mistakes are often made and dogs end up in homes that are totally unsuitable. I think the basic rule of thumb is "what's best for your dog". Taking him to the local pound or advertising him as “Free to Good Home” might be best for you, but it’s not necessary what’s best for your dog. This is going to be the last thing you ever do for him, and as a last act of responsibility you owe your dog the chance to end up in the right place, not out of sight out of mind. I know you’ve made up your mind and I know you want your dog rehomed as quickly as possible, but surely you can give him the time that’s needed to get it right first time – it will after all, be the very last thing you do for him.

If you are not in the mainland UK you need to contact your local Bulldog Rescue



Due to the high demand put on all rescues at this time of year, we may not be able to offer you a foster space. This does not affect dogs that can be rehomed from home so please select that option on the rehoming form if keeping your dog with you is at all possible. If you genuinely cannot keep your dog at home due to being evicted or urgent medical reasons please contact us but please be aware that there may still be a delay between your contact and being able to find a space. Thank you for your understanding


Our 0871 number is charged at 10p per minute with a 3p donation going direct to Bulldog Rescue. The alternative number is 02393872328

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