A week in Rescue: 30 June 2019

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A week in Rescue: 30 June 2019

I don't know about you, but I can't bear this weather, the next person that says "isn't this weather lovely" - I swear I will not be responsible for my actions. It's too hot for the dogs and it's too hot for me, it makes me irritable and grumpy and it's next to impossible to concentrate on anything! I know we don't see much hot weather in this country but to be fair - that's why I've never thought about going to Spain or Australia, I like the British weather - unless of course it's too cold but that's a whole different rant.

Please remember though that it is too hot to walk your dog

Seriously, please don't risk it

Our recent visit to our vets with Evie found a booklet on the counter which I know has already caused a few ruffled feathers. "A Guide to Brachycephalic Breeds" published by My Family Pet appears to have sprung up in vets waiting rooms across the country. Bizarre in itself as a quick look at the web site shows they are in fact an On Line Vet company so are in effect out to pinch their customers - but the 25 page booklet has a very worrying conclusion

"Sadly, it's incredibly rare for a short-snouted or flat muzzled dog not to need the help of a vet at some stage in their life" As I'm sure does every other breed of dog - isn't that like saying it's rare for a child to never need to see a doctor? The whole booklet is offensive but I am shocked that this has been allowed to be so widley distributed. Or even allowed in the waiting rooms with the obvious intention of stealing clients?

A lady called us earlier in the week worried about her bulldog who was showing severe signs of anxiety. The vet had told her a) he was having pre-epileptic seizure episodes and b) he was in severe pain due to a loose knee cap. Having convinced her to go for further exploratory treatment she called me. A dog trainer has recently asked her if there had been any changes at home that could have upset the dog and she admited there were solar lights in the garden that she had bought prior to these "episodes" beginning. There were 2 things I wanted to change about this issue - firstly - find another bloody vet and secondly - take out the lights. Bulldogs hate change, one of the list of fears and phobias we have on our intake sheet is "Anything that wasn't there yesterday". We left it that she would take the lights out and see how he was that evening. If he still did it we would find her a breed friendly vet but yep you've guessed it - it was the lights. Took them out and problem solved. Bulldogs are so fickle and so funny

It's been a pretty full on weekend with it being my Grandaughters 7th Birthday weekend, apart from wondering how on earth it's 7 years already, it really has been a birthday WEEKEND - in my day (hark at the old woman - In my day) we were greatful for a birthday party on the day of our birthday after school, the chance to wear your party dress and have your school friends round for tea, seriously it was her birthday on Friday and the entire weekend has been one long party things really have changed in the last 50 years that much I do know.

She was very upset to come here Friday though to see that Trevor had gone to his new home, I sat her down after school on Friday and told her how wonderful it was that her favourite dog got his forever home on her birthday "isn't that wonderful" i said - NO was the reply but when we showed her the photo of Trevor upside down on his new families bed she came round and decided she had a new favourite now anyway in Vera. Kids - almost as fickle as bulldogs to be fair.

This last week has seen Stan (one of our own dogs) go totally blind, between him and our wonky donkey that is our 10½ year old Hilda who has a mammory tumour the size of a potato we suddenly noticed Saturday he was walking into things. Earlier in the week he walked into the back of someone and yelped, the next day he had a gunky eye so we assumed he'd poked himself in the eye. A few drops of remend and all seemed to be going fine until Saturday. By Sunday morning there was no sight there at all in either eye so it's off to the vets in the morning to see if we can find out what's wrong with him. There's a few things it could be and all are scary so I'm not looking forward to it, but we need to know why he's gone blind so quickly. Please keep your fingers crossed and I'll let you know the outcome next week.

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