Red Iron-on Glitter Film 1m x19"

Red Iron-on Glitter Film 1m x19"

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This Iron-on-Glitter is a decorative heat transfer film that makes customising accessories and apparel easy!
From t-shirts and trousers to pillows and blankets, the personalising possibilities are almost endless.

* One 1m x 19” roll of Iron-on Glitter film

Iron on films are made up of two parts. The carrier sheet, which holds your designs in place and protects you iron and  the Glitter film, this is the material that will be ironed onto your project.

* If using a cutting machine insure the carrier sheet is at the bottom and all you designs are set to cut as a mirror image.
* If cutting the image by hand, draw you design in reverse (mirror image) then remove the carrier sheet. You can then cut out your design and then reposition your design back into the carrier sheet to assist with the application process.
* If creating a design from multiple images, remember to layer each colour one at a time, starting with the bottom working up.
* The Cotton/ Linen setting of the iron provides the best results for most materials, you can protect more delicate materials by a piece of cotton fabric, such as a clean dish cloth.
* Test a small piece of the Iron-on film in an inconspicuous area of the item prior to the full application.
* To expand the life of your design, wash and dry the finished item inside out.


Results may vary. Use this product at your own risk.

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