Other info

Other info

Condition of bikes

Excellent Very few signs of use.
Very good Obviously used, but everything looks OK.
Good There's a few bits that let the look down.
Functional A bit scruffy.
Usable Very scruffy; a “station hack”.
New Brand new.
Parts only Not rideable. Probably missing some necessary components and in need of mechanical attention.

Colour of bikes

Any colour name we use is approximate. The photograph might not accurately represent the colour that bike looks "in the flesh" because of the limitations of the lighting when we took the picture.


For more info see the Wikipedia article:

Reflectors, lights and bells

A rear red reflector and four pedal reflectors are mandatory requirements of the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations. NB: To ride legally at night you also need to fit a front and rear light.

A new bike at point of sale is also fitted with a front reflector, wheel reflectors and a bell.

Because we are refurbishing the bikes, it is our policy to sell the bikes fitted with all eight reflectors and a bell. Exceptions are BMX and similar bikes that will only have the mandatory reflectors. Any other exceptions will be noted per bike.